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Lawmaker calls for legislation for extra holidays
Advisor calls for proper conduct for college students
Animal-borne diseases challenge health system
China to develop community health service
Advisors: Manage well the forex reserves
Make intentional spread of AIDS a crime: lawmaker
Death penalty cases to be heard in open court
Time not right to abolish death penalty
Hu calls for stepping up army building
China makes public "blacklist" of bribers
China facing calls to do more to stable oil supply
China reforms death penalty trials in 2006
China's system helps avoid "color revolution":
Hainan island hopes to become China's Phuket
Beijing to recruit 2,000 police this year for Olympics: official
Lawmaker: Use real name to check junk SMS
'Cultural deficit' cause for concern
"Online superstition" poisoning teenagers
Advisors call for improved compensation standard
More college students under poverty, job pressure
China to construct Beijing-Shanghai rail on its own
Local governments' debts exceed 1tr yuan: advisor
Women's sufferings underscored in NPC session
Beijing suffers widening urban, rural gap
China faces realities of manned spaceflight
Concern raised at overseas listings of SOEs
Maglev railway to link Hangzhou, Shanghai
President calls for scientific development
Fiscal deficit, bond issues to be pruned
Pencil is a sign of 'saving society'
Foreign journalists focus on policy changes
Expert urges strict birth control over the rich
China statistics chief plays down oil price impact
Advisor calls to ban kids from commercial ads
Organizer: 2008 Games no drain on taxpayers
PLA deputies oppose "Taiwan independence", resolutely

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