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Lawmaker calls for legislation for extra holidays
Fingerprint database proposed
Laws urged to protect citizens overseas
Protection 'needed' for migrant workers
Lawmakers call for updating Labor Law for migrant workers
Advisor calls for proper conduct for college students
Advisor calls for ban on dining on public funds
Grass-roots protection 'needed' for copyrights
Advisor proposes establishing martial arts museum
Gov't urged to curb mushroom bridges over Yangtze River
Effective regulations needed in marine industry: Advisor
Adding portraits of Dr. Sun, Deng Xiaoping to RMB notes proposed
Legislator calls for drug prohibition law
China to develop community health service
Political advisors urge protection of Grand Canal
Advisors: Manage well the forex reserves
Make intentional spread of AIDS a crime: lawmaker
China plans second west-east gas pipeline
NPC deputy proposes CPC's "birthday" to be "golden week" holiday
Equal death compensation for urban, rural residents urged
Advisor urges teaching farmers surfing internet
Ban medical ads to protect public health: lawmakers
Govt administrative ability to be enhanced
Adviser suggests euthanasia experiments
Lawmaker: Use real name to check junk SMS
Advisor calls for care of rural children left by migrant parents
Lawmaker demands protection of Tibetan mastiffs
Incentive system urged to bolster donations
Advisors call for protection of old buildings
Advisors call for efforts to save "dying" sea
China needs law on press supervision: lawmaker
Calls for strict birth control for the rich
China promises more democracy in legislation
More supervision on gov't spending needed
Income irregularityrequires a better cure
Better protect women from unhappy foreign marriages: Advisor
Old festivals need new holidays
Chinese advisors call for better conditions for private firms
Enactment of law on animal abuse urged
Top leaders call for pushing forward reform, opening-up
Local experiments on euthanasia proposed
Legislation against domestic violence urged
Local experiments on euthanasia proposed
Lawmaker urges law to protect landless farmers
Lawmaker proposes videotaping police interrogation
Faster urbanization 'is needed'
Accountability system stressed
China lawmakers push for gay marriage
Anti-monopoly legislation urged by lawmakers
Chinese legislator warns against property speculation
Lawmaker calls for ban on public smoking
China should resume premarital medical checks
Chinese sociologist calls for legitimation of same-sex marriage
Top advisory body fulfills bounden mission

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