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Lawmakers submit 1,000 motions focusing on govt role, economy
Updating Labor Law for migrant workers
Legislator calls for drug prohibition law
Make int'l spread of AIDS a crime: lawmaker
Chinese judiciaries take steps to ensure innocent free from being wronged
IPR appeals court in the pipeline
Interpretation of HKSAR Basic Law by top legislature shouldn't be questioned: lawmakers
More college students under poverty, employment pressure: lawmakers
China promises more democracy in legislation
Anti-secession Law of "important role, far-reaching impact": NPC leader
Legislature focuses supervision on workers' safety, environment
Lawmakers lash out at Internet vices
Basic Law assumes supreme legal status in Hong Kong: top legislator
Legislation urged to better protect students' rights
Enactment of law on animal abuse urged in China
Lawmaker urges legislation against domestic violence
Parliament's secret ballot system ensures lawmaker's candid voting
China accelerates pace of unifying corporate income tax
A changing Chinese legislature in the eyes of veteran deputies
Lawmaker calls for drafting law to protect rights of landless farmers
Tax policy adjustments loom for companies
Lawmaker proposes videotaping police interrogation
Demands made for charity legislation
Lawmakers, advisors call for anti-monopoly legislation
Weight control for curbing corruption: CPPCC duputy
China lawmakers push for gay marriage
Lawmaker calls for ban on public smoking
Patience is a virtue for key property law
Debate on corporate tax law fast-tracked
China should resume premarital medical checks
Laws to be reviewed this year
Experts push draft on property law
Security laws tackle most sensitive issues
165 civil offences added to new law effective today
Compulsory education law under amendment

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