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  New Countryside
Rural elections undermined by bribery, manipulation
Chinese farmers surf Internet to sell oranges
China shifts focus to poor with 'New Deal'
Competent cadres key to building of new countryside
China to improve medicare system for farmers
Building "new countryside" helps China to cope with challenges
Protect interests of rural people
Building new countryside also a human rights issue: lawmaker
NPC's supervision to target rural development, innovation
Audit called for budgeted agricultural fund
Your guide to 'new socialist countryside'
Landless farmers 'must be helped'
Your guide to 'new socialist countryside'
Farmers want "land-leasing policy"
Farmers to pay less for medicare, education
Farmers want a 'land-leasing policy'
Wen pledges growth will lift rural
China aims to lift living standard in rural areas
Major projects for new countryside in 2006-2010
Lawmaker calls for law to protect landless farmers
Major projects for new countryside in 2006-2010
Expounding the 'socialist new countryside'
Development focus shifts to rural areas
Focus on rural areas is big story abroad
Huge funds earmarked for township health service
China provides better medical service for farmers
Premier pledges help for rural poor
Hebei NPC delegates blaze rural success path
"New countryside" has impact on neighbours
Building new countryside, China's historic choice
Hu pledges to improve farmers' lot
Facts and figures: widening rural-urban gap
Document spells out plans for rural revival
Premier stresses rural area development
In barren land, money now grows on trees
2006 NPC session to zoom in on rural issues
China vows to create a 'new socialist countryside'

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