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PLA deputies oppose "Taiwan independence", resolutely
Updated: 2006-03-05 16:58

Deputies from the People's Liberation Army (PLA) to China's Tenth National People's Congress (NPC) said the army resolutely opposes "Taiwan independence" and will get ready for military fight at any time.

Lieutenant General Huang Cisheng said Chen Shui-bian stopped operation of "National Unification Council" and its guidelines against the mainstream will of Taiwan people.

Chen has challenged the one-China principle purely to pursue personal gains. It fully shows Chen Shui-bian has become the biggest trouble-maker that threatens cross-Straits peace and stability, said Huang.

He said the PLA will follow Hu Jintao's four-point proposal and instructions of central authorities on cross-Straits relations. The proposal, set forth in March 2005, says the mainland shall never sway in adhering to the one-China principle, never give up efforts to seek peaceful reunification, never change the principle of placing hope on the Taiwan people and never compromise in opposing the "Taiwan independence" secessionist activities.

"We shall make ample preparations for military fight. When the Party and people call on us to fulfill our duty, we can live up to their expectations," said Huang.

Major General Deng Xiaohong said all the army officers and soldiers are paying much attention to the cross-Straits situation.

"'Taiwan independence' pushed by Chen Shui-bian runs against the will of all Chinese people," said Deng.

"But personally, I believe we must try our best to seek peaceful reunification," said Deng, while browsing news about the cross-Straits situation on one of the public computers in the east hall of the Great Hall of the People, before opening of the NPC session.

Ma Guowen, another military deputy to the NPC, said "the army will resolutely carry out its duties" once the central authorities issue an order.

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