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Premier meets journalists  
Electronical vote  
NPC closing meeting  
CPPCC session ends in Beijing  
Reporters at the CPPCC closing ceremony  
Hu Jintao joins PLA group discussion  
CPPCC session ends Monday  
NPC deputy Xu Hongyan and her 3-month baby  
Supreme court report discussed  
Top justice delivers work report  
Top prosecutor delivers work report  
Delegates after NPC meeting  
NPC presidium holds its second meeting  
NPC deputy uses laptop during discussion  
Press conference on building innovative country  
Group discussion of the Beijing delegation  
Ongoing NPC & CPPCC sessions  
CPPCC plenary meeting  
Policewoman and a sniffer dog inspect a rubbish can  
Delegates leave the great hall of the people  
President Hu chats with top legislator  
Military delegates  
Bomb disposal robot  
Chinese ethnic minority delegates  
Top leaders attend NPC plenary session  
Ethnic deputies attend the NPC session  
President extends greetings to women lawmakers  
CPPCC member talks about economic growth  
Second plenary session of CPPCC  
Press conference on building new countryside  
CPPCC plenary meeting  
Wu Bangguo delivers speech at NPC session  
Top leaders join panel meeting  
Women CPPCC members on the Women's Day  
CPPCC members talk about harmonious society  
Temporary food stand in Tian'anmen Square  
Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing holds press conference  
Women NPC deputies and CPPCC members  
The Great Hall of the People  
CPPCC members hold press conference  
CPPCC members buy books  
Top leaders join delegations in discussion  
Premier pledges rural development in annual session  
Ma Kai on the 11th five-year plan  
Hybrid rice expert Yuan Longping at CPPCC meeting  
Busy journalists at the NPC session  
Foreign tourists visit Tian'anmen Square  
Zhejiang NPC deputies meet the press  
Top leaders join lawmakers in discussions  
President Hu Jintao chats with Premier Wen Jiabao  
Delegates arrive for the opening of NPC session  
Delegates listen to the government work report  
Military delegates to NPC  
President Hu attends NPC opening meeting  
Government work report  
NPC annual session convenes  
Delegates arrive for NPC session  
Soldiers stand guard  
Premier Wen delivers government work report  
Delegates attend NPC opening meeting  
Annual session of NPC opens  
Top state leaders attend NPC open meeting  
Military band at the opening ceremony of NPC session  
Vying for chances to ask questions  
NPC session opens  
NPC press conference: Session begins on Sunday  
Delegates listen to government work report  
Military delegates at CPC session  
NPC session to begin on Sunday  
CPPCC members arrive for opening session  
Soldiers patrol outside the Great Hall of the People  
CCTV reporter at the CPPCC opening ceremony  
Delegates arrive for CPPCC opening meeting  
Jia Qinglin makes keynote speech at CPPCC opening meeting  
Deputies liston to keynote speech  
CPPCC opening meeting  
CPPCC annual session opens in Beijing  
Huang Hong answers questions  
Visitors in the Tian'anmen Square  
Security tightened for annual sessions  
CPPCC press conference  
NPC deputies from Macao  
NPC deputies ready for session  
Overseas media focus on NPC, CPPCC sessions  
CPPCC spokesman Wu Jianmin chairs press conference  
NPC deputies arrive in Beijing  
CPPCC members arrive in Beijing  
Beijing readies for the CPPCC session  
Visitors enjoy their trip to Beijing  
Preparing for CPPCC meeting  

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