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Our 'living legacy must be guarded'
China's policy is to preserve death penalty
'China should independently develop civil aircraft'
'Make films suit both int'l and domestic tastes'
'Involve farmers in rural spending'
'Don't politicize Sino-US trade relations'
'Bird flu approaching human through three channels'
'We will severely punish academic falsification'
'Set up a system to train village teachers'
'Protect the rights of innovators'
'Innovation needs support from social resources'
'rural education must take a giant step forward'
'Use the weapon of law to solve problem'
'We have a long way to go to change poor village'
'Building new countryside based on three principles'
'Buiding new countryside will involve much money'
'We can not afford an extravagant Olympics'
'Housing is a social problem'
'Monopoly departments should accelerate reforms'
'Control weight of civil servants to curb corruption'
'We'll never tolerate acts of secession'
'Smoking in public place should be banned'

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