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  • Road less traveled: Chenshan Botanical Garden

    2012-09-29 10:37

    For some fresh air and greenery, head down to Chenshan Botanical Garden, which covers more than 2 sq km in Songjiang district.

  • Road less traveled: Dongtan Wetland

    2012-09-29 10:37

    Shanghai is such a busy city that sometimes one has to crack his or her mind to find a place to get away. For those who are fond of nature, Dongtan Wetland in Chongming Island is a premier choice.

  • Road less traveled: Qibao ancient town

    2012-09-29 10:37

    For those who want to integrate into the life of the locals, try Shanghai's ancient town of Qibao. Apart from the ancient-style buildings, stone bridges and small rivers, the town is a food haven.

  • Autumn getaway

    2012-09-29 10:29

    Autumn in Shanghai, distinguished by mild weather with plenty of sunshine and gentle breezes, is one of the most pleasant times to visit the city.

  • The crabs of autumn

    2012-09-29 10:27

    As the leaves turn to brilliant autumn shades of gold, orange and crimson, its' time to enjoy one of the great regional delicacies of the Yangtze River Valley.

  • Swiss afternoon tea

    2012-09-29 10:18

    Swissotel Grand Shanghai is introducing a delightful series of afternoon tea sets to enjoy this autumn.

  • Seafood at SoU

    2012-09-29 10:12

    Enjoy an exceptional fresh seafood buffet at the Tangla Tianjin's 49th-floor restaurant SoU, the highest dining venue in the city.

  • Starting from Shanghai: route 2

    2012-09-28 17:15

    A leisure trip to Yangchenghu Lake to enjoy some hairy crabs has become a regular feature for many Shanghai families in the autumn.

  • Starting from Shanghai: route 1

    2012-09-28 17:10

    Imagine this: Waking up in the morning with the sound of water flowing beneath bridges and fresh air fills the surroundings.

  • Noted restaurants for Shanghai snacks

    2012-09-27 09:10

    Shanghai snack is famed for being light, fresh and tasty, and has long been diners'favorite for its characteristics.

  • Top 10 places not to miss

    2012-09-26 14:43

    Skyscrapers line the skies looking over classical architecture and ancient pagodas. This blend of old and new offers tourists a wide variety of experiences that are sure to be memorable.

  • Shanghai metro system

    2012-09-26 14:33

    Shanghai has an extensive public transportation system, largely based on buses, and a rapidly expanding metro system. For a city of Shanghai's size, road traffic is fairly smooth and convenient.