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  • Cycling: the best way to see the city

    2012-05-02 10:03

    Some people in Shanghai think cycling in the summer is a crazy thing to do. But Shanghai is famed for its boulevards and French phoenix trees, which offer shade and pleasant surroundings.

  • People visit former site of Shanghai Art Museum

    2012-11-14 09:59

    The museum had been moved to a new place as a part of China Art Palace, and the former site will be closed.

  • Fragile masterpieces

    2012-11-12 09:47

    Shanghai Glass Art Museum is presenting an exhibition of fine glass pieces created by three French companies.

  • To be Blue

    2012-11-12 09:47

    Blue, a pop band from Britain consists of four members: Duncan James, Antony Costa, Lee Ryan and Simon Webbe.

  • Monochrome style

    2012-11-12 09:47

    Beijing-based artist Liu Wentao is hosting a solo exhibition, with an extensive use of graphite on canvas and paper.

  • Artistic assortment

    2012-11-09 10:23

    The University of Kansas Theater will present Arthur Miller's classic play All My Sons.

  • Latin pop diva

    2012-11-09 10:10

    Jennifer Lopez will give her debut concert in Shanghai. Her Shanghai gig will present the audio-visual extravaganza of her Dance Again world tour.

  • Father and daughter

    2012-11-09 10:09

    Huang Junbi (1898-1991) is a Chinese painter and educator, famous for his vivid depiction of waterfalls among clouds and mists.

  • Young chorus

    2012-11-05 09:42

    Les Petits Chanteurs de Saint-Marc became known all over the world since it appeared in the French film Les Choristes in 2004.

  • String sounds

    2012-11-05 09:33

    One of the most ancient plucked string instruments, guqin, was popular in the 5th century BC, and still has its market today.

  • Bronze sculptures

    2012-11-05 09:31

    Galerie Dumonteil Shanghai will hold an exhibition of bronzes by sculptor Wang Keping.

  • Angry birds land in Shanghai

    2012-11-02 16:21

    Visitors enjoy the Angry Birds theme park in Tongji University in Shanghai, on Oct 31, 2012.