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  • Sailing through the city a breeze

    2010-05-21 09:39

    A cruise offers glimpses of historical and modern Shanghai, Shi Yingying reports.

  • Shanghai today

    2010-05-24 08:20

    While this city's early 20th-century romance still excites the imagination of writers, contemporary life in the rapidly changing port town is also inspiring authors, Chitralekha Basu reports

  • Shanghai: city of writers

    2010-05-24 08:20

    As Shanghai flourished as a multinational hub for finance and business in the 1930s, it also became home to many prominent Chinese writers and translators, who lived and worked in Shanghai during that period.

  • Dressed to impress

    2009-12-14 09:50

    dusty roadside motel that opened in the United States 84 years ago has grown into a symbol of class an ocean away in China.

  • Hotel listings of Beijing and Shanghai

    2009-12-14 09:55

    Hotel listings of Beijing and Shanghai.

  • Hotel listings of Beijing, Shanghai and Qingdao

    2010-06-05 09:42

    Daccapo Italian Restaurant at The Regent Beijing prepares a special set lunch and dinner menu with a wide choice of appetizers, pastas, pizzas and desserts.

  • Lanes go back in time

    2010-06-18 09:54

    Shanghai's narrow, twisted longtangs hold many of the city's secret.

  • Finding specialties

    2010-11-07 09:32

    Yu Garden Hotel combines historic charm with modern amenities. Yang Yijun reports

  • Water town awash with sights

    2010-06-25 10:03

    Catch the watery views at Zhouzhuang, only 50 kilometers from Shanghai, Wang Bian reports.

  • 'Golden triangle' gives Longemont a leg up

    2009-12-21 09:37

    The Longemont Hotel Shanghai is no lab rat: its MICE facilities and prime location have already been tested by multinationals and business travelers.

  • Disney signs agreement for Shanghai theme park

    2010-11-08 09:11

    Walt Disney has signed an agreement with a Shanghai company for the establishment of a Disneyland theme park in the city, bringing its long-planned park in mainland China closer to fruition.

  • Hotel listings in Shanghai

    2010-07-03 09:54

    It is what makes the season: seafood cuisine.