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About China Daily Group

From print to digital media, from China to the Americas, Europe, Africa and the rest of Asia, the China Daily Group, with 16 print publications, is an authoritative provider of information, analysis, comment and entertainment for global readers with a special focus on China.

While China Daily has firmly established itself as the leading English-language news organization in China since its founding in 1981, the group also publishes the Hong Kong, US, European, African, Asian and Latin American editions of the flagship brand with a total circulation of 900,000.

The group’s digital-media arm has eight website clusters and three mobile platforms, which provide a cutting edge for the group’s development.

The readership, both in China and the rest of the world, is mainly high-level officials, diplomats, executives and academics.

China Daily’s Print Media

■China Daily, the flagship newspaper, was founded on June 1, 1981, and publishes 24-page editions Monday through Friday, plus 16-page editions on Saturday and Sunday. It uses cutting-edge design, allied with dynamic photographs and artwork, and encompasses in-depth reports to analyze affairs both in China and internationally.

■China Daily Hong Kong, founded in 1997, boasts 24 pages Monday through Thursday, 32 pages on Friday and 16-page weekend editions. The paper is circulated in Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and a number of Southeast-Asian countries.

■China Daily USA, launched in 2009, publishes 16 pages Monday to Thursday and a 20-page Friday edition. It is distributed in the United States and Canada.

■China Daily North America, launched in 2012, is a 20-page weekly that reaches mainstream political, business and academic circles in Canada.

■China Daily European Weekly was launched in 2010. Each edition has 32 pages and is distributed in about 30 European countries, including the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium and France.

■China Daily Asia Weekly, launched in 2010, offers 32 pages each week, and is distributed throughout the Asia-Pacific region, in countries such as Australia, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, India, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates. China Daily Asia Weekly ASEAN Edition was launched in May 2013. The 32-page weekly is circulated around Southeast Asia.

■China Daily Africa Weekly, launched in 2012, offers 32 pages each week. Circulation covers countries such as Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Ghana.

■China Daily Latin America Weekly, launched in 2013, offers 16 pages each week. Circulation now covers places such as Brazil’s São Paulo and Brasília.

■China Watch, launched in 1992, is a monthly publication distributed as an insert in mainstream newspapers in the US and Europe, including The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, The Daily Telegraph and The Financial Times.

■21st Century English Education Media: In 1993, China Daily launched the 21st Century English newspaper, an English education weekly for Chinese students learning the language. The 21st Century English Education Media offers 10 weekly publications for primary school, middle school and university students and teachers. It also has a dedicated website and a 21st Century mobile newspaper.

China Daily’s Digital Media

■China Daily website (chinadaily.com.cn): Launched in 1995, the first national English-language website has become a comprehensive multimedia outlet and China’s most influential English-language Web portal. It has an average of more than 52 million page views per day. With more than 30 subsidiary websites and 300 channels, the China Daily website provides 24-hour authoritative information services about China to Web users around the world through multiple channels.

■Overseas subsidiaries of the China Daily website include those for the US, European, Asia-Pacific and African editions, catering to the demands of web users in these regions.

■China Daily mobile platforms include news apps, multimedia messaging services, mobile TV, mobile animation, mobile reading and mobile websites.

◎The WAP site for chinadaily.com.cn: As a mobile platform tailored for phone users, the WAP site for chinadaily.com.cn consists of China Daily’s main paper and the US and European editions. It publishes domestic and international news in English and Chinese and provides mobile users both at home and abroad with a new channel for reading China Daily’s news and information.

◎China Daily apps: Downloads of China Daily’s news apps worldwide have reached more than 3,800,000.

China Daily has apps that are supported by mobile platforms such as Apple, Android, BlackBerry, Windows 8, plus e-book platforms such as Amazon Kindle.

◎China Daily Mobile News, a multimedia messaging service launched in 2008, is the first bilingual mobile newspaper in China, which runs as separate versions on China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom.

◎China Daily eClips, launched in 2007, is distributed to 250,000 readers in the fields of politics and business, as well as intellectuals at top think tanks in 50 countries and regions every day.

■Brand websites

◎Asia News Photo website (asianewsphoto.com), launched in March 2006, was founded by China Daily, representing the Asia News Network — the continent’s largest international media organization. The website provides an Asia-focused photo service to media outlets worldwide and provides more than 2 million photos by almost 2,000 registered photographers.

◎Chinaculture.org, launched in 2002, was developed and is maintained by China Daily’s website under the guidance of the Ministry of Culture. The website is an authoritative English-language Web platform aimed at introducing and promoting Chinese culture. It won the “2005 World Summit Award – China nomination” in the e-Culture category and many other prizes.

◎Newscartoon Website (newscartoon.com.cn), launched in July 2001, is hosted by the China Daily website and operated in association with the China Journalistic Caricature Society. It is the largest professional cartoon website in China, with thousands of cartoonists and illustrators contributing more than 100,000 pieces to its archive. The website provides news, cartoons and illustrations, promotes online communication, offers information on the animation industry.

China Daily’s global development

■China’s largest international media team with high professional standards

China Daily has a team of more than 500 trained reporters and editors and employs approximately 100 senior journalists from the US, the UK and other Anglophone countries to ensure the highest standards of news.

■Improved global news reporting, editing and transmitting system

China Daily has 36 bureaus and offices and 15 printing centers on the Chinese mainland. It has also established more than 40 bureaus and printing stations overseas, including in the US, Canada, the UK, France, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Japan, India, Australia, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Nepal, Philippines, Vietnam, Turkey, Kenya, Brazil and South Africa.

■Expanding the global network with mainstream media

China Daily has established extensive cooperation with mainstream media around the world. These include Reuters, The Associated Press, Agence France-Presse, Bloomberg, The New York Times, USA Today, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, TIME Magazine, The Daily Telegraph, the Financial Times, the (UK) Guardian, The Globe and Mail, Le Figaro, the BBC and the NBC, etc.

■Key role in the Asia News Network

China Daily is a core member and the only member on the Chinese mainland of the Asia News Network (ANN), which consists of 22 mainstream news organizations in 20 Asian countries and regions. It plays a key role by exchanging stories and staff with mainstream media in other parts of Asia. It also helps to organize joint events. The paper has increased its influence among 20 million readers in Asia and has a wide readership.

Branding events of China Daily

■Beijing-Tokyo Forum

The Beijing-Tokyo Forum is a large, annual international symposium co-founded in 2005 by China Daily and Genron NPO, a nonprofit organization in Japan. The forum aims to provide a non-governmental communications platform and promote the healthy development of China-Japan relations through public opinion polls and candid high-level dialogue.

■The China Daily Asia Leadership Roundtable

Founded in 2010, the China Daily Asia Leadership Roundtable provides a platform for high-level dialogue and communication among leaders and social elites in the fields of politics, business and academia in Asia. It regularly invites political and business decision-makers to serve as honorary chairpersons. Participants debate essential topics that have a strategic influence on economic, business and social development. The roundtable is held in major Asian countries and regions by turn through cooperation with members of the ANN.

■Inviting mainstream Asian media to China for a series of interviews

China Daily has invited chief editors and senior reporters from the mainstream media in Asia and other regions to conduct interviews in China, facilitating communication and exchanges between China and other countries.

■ Asia Press Photo Contest

Initiated by China Daily and the Asia News Network in 2006, the large-scale international photo contest focuses on Asia and attracts press and freelance photographers from Asian countries and other nations such as the US and the UK.

■The 21st Century National English Speaking Competition

Founded by the 21st Century English newspaper group in 1996, the competition is the most prominent English-speaking contest in China. It is also the qualifying contest for the annual International Public Speaking Competition in London.

■University Cartoon Competition on Environmental Protection

Launched by China Daily’s website in 2006, this annual international competition focuses on the theme of environmental protection. It is supported by cartoon societies and related international environmental organizations such as the United Nations Environment Programme and the World Wildlife Fund. The competition has received positive responses from thousands of college students in numerous countries.