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  • The star of West Africa

    2013-12-02 07:25

    Recent agreements have further strengthened the cooperation between Nigeria and China

  • Booming banking and financial services attract interest

    2013-12-02 07:25

    Solid economic growth is supported by financial reforms and robust regulations

  • Powering the economy

    2013-12-02 07:25

    With a view to becoming a world-class manager of liabilities and stranded assets in a transitional electricity market, Nigeria Electricity Liability Management Ltd is powering ahead to create a clean and safe environment for investors in the sector.

  • Gas fuels GDP growth

    2013-12-02 07:25

    Vast oil and gas reserves are the driving forces for Nigeria's future economic, social progress

  • Golden returns abound in banking and tourism

    2013-07-19 07:06

    As tourist numbers reach 3m, there is also a stampede for range of financial services

  • Striding into the spotlight

    2013-07-19 07:06

    Economic diversification is attracting substantial sums of FDI from China and beyond

  • Raising the standard

    2013-05-06 08:11

    Coming from a long tradition of natural animal husbandry, Uruguayan meat is both tasty and safe

  • Bahamas Special

    2013-04-18 13:44

    One of the most modern Caribbean nations, the Bahamas is back in business.

  • South  Africa Special

    2013-03-26 16:41

    South Africa, its government, people and businesses are extending a very warm welcome to leaders and delegations of the BRICS economies as they gather in Durban for their 5th annual summit on March 25-27 to discuss "BRICS and Africa-Partnerships for integration and industrialization."

  • Cape Verde Special

    2013-03-07 17:31

    An ambitious archipelago of 10 islands located in the Atlantic Ocean, Cape Verde blends political, social and economic stability with modern, transparent and efficient business-friendly legal and regulatory frameworks and is attracting substantial foreign direct investment.

  • Uruguay Special

    2013-03-07 17:25

    As a competitve and business-friendly ICT hub, Uruguay is the natural gateway to Latin America.

  • Cameroon Special

    2012-09-26 14:42

    As part of its plan to become an emerging nation by 2035, Cameroon is launching a number of major projects that will completely modernize the country. InFocus Reports speaks to Alamine Ousmane Mey, Cameroon's Minister of Finance to find out what is being done to attract the investment needed to reach this goal.

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