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  • Shanghai Tourism Festival 2011 kicks off

    2011-09-15 10:37

    Performers of Laku ethnic group of Yunnan Province participate in a celebration parade marking the opening of Shanghai Tourism Festival 2011.

  • Hotel listings in Shanghai

    2011-08-22 10:33

    September is the season for figs, those small and luscious fruits with a chewy texture and a very sweet smell. Vue Restaurant at Hyatt on the Bund brings you various fig desserts that you can enjoy along with organic wine and food.

  • The road of history - Wukang Road in Shanghai

    2011-08-17 16:29

    Wukang Road is a concrete representation of the city's international and cosmopolitan character.

  • Saudi Arabia Pavilion may reopen in Shanghai Expo Park

    2011-08-15 15:28

    The Saudi Arabia pavilion may reopen in October, Ding Hao, president of the Shanghai Expo Development Group, said on Aug. 11, 2011.

  • 2011 Shanghai Grand Carnival attracts tourists

    2011-08-15 15:22

    Tourists experience a recreational facility at the 2011 Shanghai Grand Carnival in Shanghai, east China, Aug. 13, 2011. The 100-day carnival will last until Oct. 30, attracting nearly 20,000 visitors per day at present.

  • Hotel listings in Shanghai

    2011-08-15 11:51

    Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with eight delicious varieties of mooncakes created by Hilton Shanghai Hongqiao. A beautiful gift for families, friends and colleagues, these mooncakes, priced at 268 yuan a box, are made of the best ingredients and taste superb.

  • Hotel and restaurant promotions in Shanghai and Qingdao

    2011-08-08 15:01

    Recent promotions of main hotels and restaurants in Shanghai and Qingdao are listed.

  • Gathering for youth and children

    2011-08-02 13:16

    The Shanghai International Youth and Children Cultural Art Festival was held on August 1 and attrated children and youth from around the world.

  • Making a brand name for itself

    2011-07-31 10:16

    Shangri-La Hotel Group's new brand, Kerry Hotel, will open its second hotel in Beijing later this year, by re-branding the current Shangri-La Kerry Center.

  • The more the merrier!

    2011-07-29 10:56

    Get married, with company! New couples walked down the isle in group weddings on July 28.

  • Sand, swimming, and the city skyline on the Bund

    2011-07-28 14:58

    People enjoy the summer while swimming along the Bund in Shanghai on July 27, 2011.

  • Man-made beach at Bund in Shanghai

    2011-07-28 11:57

    As temperature rises, the man-made beach and swimming pool attracted many tourists.