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  • Publishers must closely follow in the footsteps of technology

    2012-10-08 14:38

    Major publishers from China and Europe have called for a revamp in the industry business model as books become digitalized.Digital publishing is big business in China.

  • DuoLun Road -- Cultural Celebrity Street

    2012-10-08 14:38

    In the 1930s it was a residential area for Japanese nationals in Shanghai and a place for cultural celebrities to gather as well.

  • Shanghai Dialect

    2012-10-08 14:37

    Shanghai dialect is a dialect spoken in the city of Shanghai and the surrounding region.

  • Shanghai today

    2012-10-08 14:37

    While this city's early 20th-century romance still excites the imagination of writers, contemporary life in the rapidly changing port town is also inspiring authors, Chitralekha Basu reports

  • A taste of authentic Shanghai

    2012-10-08 14:21

    Visitors to the Expo should head to Jade Garden, the city's No 1 Shanghainese restaurant, which has set up two outlets in the Expo Garden, Lu Hong says.

  • Nanxiang Steamed Stuffed Bun

    2012-10-08 14:16

    This snack is a famous and popular one originating from Nanxiang Town in the northern Jiading District of Shanghai.

  • Chop Rice Cake

    2012-10-08 14:15

    Chop Rice Cake is an economic and distinctive snack in Shanghai. It is a fried snack mainly made of a big pork chop and rice cakes.

  • Leisha Dumpling

    2012-10-08 14:15

    This is a kind of glutinous rice dumpling stuffed with meat, sweetened bean paste, or sesame.

  • Crab-Yellow Pastry

    2012-10-08 14:14

    This round yellow pastry looks like the shell of a cooked crab, therefore it is named Crab-Yellow Pastry.

  • Town God Temple

    2012-10-08 14:14

    Speaking of Shanghai snacks, Town God Temple snacks is a must-try.

  • Shopping Heaven

    2012-10-08 14:13

    Shanghai, regarded as the "Oriental Paris", is an ideal Shopping Heaven. When you come to Shanghai, shopping should not be missed any more than its other charming attractions

  • Famous shopping streets in Shanghai

    2012-09-29 14:12

    Famous shopping streets in Shanghai