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  • Children should not be 'forced' to learn

    2012-03-09 17:08

    In a kindergarten, kids do not study; they learn to interact and play, and by playing with each other they acquire skills. They develop their language in this way too.

  • Proposal to legalize prostitution unfounded

    2012-03-07 14:50

    80% of women who go into prostitution were victims of sexual violence, rape and/or incest in their youth. These are damaged women and prostitution damages them further.

  • What you wear at the sessions also matters

    2012-03-05 16:33

    Thirty female lawmakers and political advisors from Zhejiang province finally have given up their extraordinary plan of wearing "qipao" at the opening of the annual parliamentary session Monday morning.

  • What's the buzz

    2012-03-05 08:10

    March 5 is Learning from Lei Feng Day, but it is not just heroes who lend a helping hand.

  • Keep an eye on private hospitals

    2012-03-05 08:10

    It's good news that the government has finally allowed private hospitals to be fully funded by foreign medical companies. But the government must keep close supervision on the quality of medical services.

  • Future language of business

    2012-03-02 08:07

    One of the most interesting discussions I have with my students at Beijing City University is, when will China become the number one world economic power?

  • Support migrant workers

    2012-03-01 08:04

    Most rural migrants working in the factories have contributed significantly to the economic miracle of modern China.

  • Tickets for ordinary people

    2012-03-01 08:04

    Film is a mass entertainment media, thus it must consider the purchasing power of common people.

  • Western media bias

    2012-02-28 08:15

    Recently the BBC invited me to participate in a program with the title "Does China deserve respect from the rest of the world?"

  • What's the buzz

    2012-02-20 08:07

    As many as 69 percent of Chinese men have confidantes, while more than 60 percent of women say they have close male friends, a survey shows.

  • Shared responsibility

    2012-02-24 08:11

    We should consider why droughts happen so frequently in China. Is it due to our human activities or just a natural phenomenon?

  • English still common tongue

    2012-02-24 08:11

    English is widely used by people from all over the world and serves as a bridge among people with different native languages.

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