Proposal to legalize prostitution unfounded

Updated: 2012-03-07 14:50


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In response to a proposal made by a deputy to the National People's Congress that "prostitution should be legalized", reader JFenix on the China Daily Forum writes:

I don't believe prostitution should be legal anywhere.

The whole argument of prostitution decreasing rape is ridiculous. Why accommodate rapists?

What is she saying? That China should set up a legal framework for women to be degraded and abused? In this way, it would somehow make it safer for the rest of women?

People don't rape because they want sex. It's power that they are after.

I've read reports that state that some 80% of women who go into prostitution were victims of sexual violence, rape and/or incest in their youth.

These are damaged women and prostitution damages them further.

You can't be a prostitute and have it not effect you negatively.

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