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Updated: 2012-03-05 08:10

(China Daily)

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March 5 is Learning from Lei Feng Day, but it is not just heroes who lend a helping hand. In all our lives it is possible to begin the day with a thankful heart because someone helped us in some small way, China Daily mobile news readers share their views.

I have met many arrogant bus drivers during my years studying in a city away from home, so a kindhearted driver I once met made a deep impression on me. I was traveling to my university and I was exhausted because I was lugging three heavy cases with me. After spending quite some time carrying the first case onto the bus, I hurried to pay the bus fare in case the driver refused to let me on the bus. However, the driver helped me with the other two and then started the bus. I almost cried when he said "days are hard for you students also".

A Reader, Wuhu, Anhui province

When I was a kid I was on my own without care after 5 pm when classes finished as my parents finished work late. Luckily for me, when my math teacher found out about it, she took me to her home every day, and I had my dinner and did my homework with her daughter. I still feel grateful to her to this day.

MANMAN, Tianjin

My mom told me that when I was an infant she did not have enough milk for me and as we lived in a remote village it was hard to buy milk powder. Therefore, she showed me to those mothers who were breastfeeding and most of them agreed to breastfeed me as well. Looking back I still appreciate these great mothers who used to feed me.

SERENA, Zhuzhou, Hunan province

On a very cold New Year's Eve, my mom told me there were some homeless people huddling together under the arch of the bridge, hungry and cold. My mom wrapped many dumplings she had made with father and asked me to send them the food and a bag of clothes. We did the same every Spring Festival after that until the homeless were given a public shelter. I feel warm and thankful for my mom who taught me how to help those in need.

A Reader, Siping, Jilin province

Jan 8 was the second day of entrance exams for postgraduate schools. For the last exam I forgot to take my file folder containing all the credentials I needed. With the exam about to start in 10 minutes, I happened to meet a man who had just driven his kid to school. He was willing to drive me to where I lived and thanks to his help I was able to finish the exam on time.

A Reader, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia autonomous region

I traveled to Tibet during my senior year in university and climbed to a temple half way up a hill though it was already evening. But it seemed impossible for me to go down along the steep and narrow pass until I met with a Tibetan couple who supported me with their hands and helped me carry my bag to the bottom.

A Reader, Xi'an, Shaanxi province

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