High school admissions a priority in Xinjiang Less is more at annual meets Deputies say prayer room a show of 'respect' Satellite center to put Wenchang on the map Pollution top for new Beijing leaders

Cliches on way out in speeches by govt

After officials were urged to speak less and say more, experts involved in provincial sessions say they have noticed an obvious decrease in the usual cliches.

Freeloaders could be exposed on Shanghai database

A credit-rating database holding the records of enterprises and individuals is expected to be launched in Shanghai in the summer with the aim of clamping down on dishonest practices across the city.


Political sessions try to cure 'Beijing cough'

Guizhou comes in from the cold

Province moves to protect cultural heritage

Advisers call for loosened policies on taxis

Environment becomes a priority

New Leaders

Yang Xiong elected mayor of Shanghai

Yang Xiong was elected mayor of Shanghai at the first session of the 14th municipal People's Congress on Friday, the local legislature announced.

Lou Qinjian elected governor of Shaanxi

Jiang Daming re-elected governor of Shandong

Luo Huining re-elected governor of Qinghai

Jiang Daming re-elected governor of Shandong


7,000 Shanghai families lost their only child

The Shanghai Women's Federation is calling for more support for elderly parents who have lost their only child in a proposal submitted to the Shanghai People's Congress.

Shanghai deputies call for 'cold day allowances'

Women's federation calls for law against child abuse

Tianjin urged to upgrade facilities

91% of Shanghai's job-related crime is corruption


Guangdong to improve livelihoods

Improving people's livelihoods, especially those in rural areas, will be a major task for the newly elected provincial government, said Zhu Xiaodan, governor of Guangdong.

Lou Qinjian elected governor of Shaanxi

Jiang Daming re-elected governor of Shandong

More orphanages urged after fatal blaze

Sessions focus on officials' asset disclosures