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  • 7,000 Shanghai families lost their only child

    2013-01-31 16:53

    The Shanghai Women's Federation is calling for more support for elderly parents who have lost their only child in a proposal submitted to the Shanghai People's Congress.

  • Huang Qifan re-elected mayor of Chongqing

    2013-01-31 20:48

    Huang Qifan was re-elected mayor of southwest China's Chongqing Municipality on Thursday at the first session of the fourth municipal People's Congress, the local legislature.

  • Shanghai deputies call for 'cold day allowances'

    2013-01-31 16:40

    Deputies to Shanghai's legislative meetings have appealed for "cold day allowances" to help residents keep warm in winter.

  • Tianjin to step up food safety monitoring

    2013-01-30 23:50

    Tianjin will almost double food safety monitoring sites this year to ease growing public concern, said director of Tianjin Food and Drug Administration.

  • Women's federation calls for law against child abuse

    2013-01-29 16:46

    The Shanghai Women's Federation proposed that the legislative body put the crime of child abuse in the criminal law to protect children's health and legal rights.

  • Air quality a hot topic

    2013-01-29 03:35

    Air pollution has been one of the hottest topics in Shanghai's two sessions this year, as residents living in the Yangtze River Delta breathed the most polluted air in five years during the past two weeks.

  • Tianjin urged to upgrade facilities

    2013-01-29 03:35

    A senior meteorologist in Tianjin has urged the local government to reinforce pollution monitoring facilities in a bid to improve the accuracy of the air quality index.

  • 91% of Shanghai's job-related crime is corruption

    2013-01-28 20:42

    Corruption cases represented 91.3 percent of all job-related crime cases in Shanghai from 2008 to 2012, a member of the city's political advisory body said on Monday.

  • Chinese brands struggle in luxury market

    2013-01-28 07:21

    Established Shanghai brands should be offered financial aid from the government to ensure their survival. That was the message given to the city's top political advisory body over the weekend.

  • Shanghai to lure multinationals

    2013-01-28 02:16

    Shanghai is expected to attract 150 more foreign multinationals' regional headquarters by 2020 — in addition to the 403 today.

  • Diaoyu Islands fish on sale in Shanghai

    2013-01-27 16:32

    A total of 4,000 kilograms of fish from waters around the Diaoyu Islands arrived in Shanghai and were sold out that same day.

  • Officials consider phase-in of garbage sorting

    2013-01-25 09:22

    Beijing residents might be asked to separate only their kitchen garbage for now before being asked to classify all their household waste, experts said.

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