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Tianjin urged to upgrade facilities

Updated: 2013-01-29 03:35
By ZHAO YINAN and WANG YUKE in Tianjin ( China Daily)

A senior meteorologist in Tianjin has urged the local government to reinforce pollution monitoring facilities in a bid to improve the accuracy of the air quality index.

Quan Xungang, director of the Tianjin Meteorological Bureau and a city political adviser, suggested the local technology authority increase its investment in emission monitoring, upgrade the facilities and expand the monitoring network.

Making the proposal during the ongoing session of Tianjin's political advisory body, Quan said accurate forecasts will enable the government to take emergency actions, such as issue early warnings to the public, temporarily shut down industrial plants and restrict automobile use.

Quan said the murky smog is largely due to heavy industrial and auto emissions, as well as a weak cold front.

The North China port city, located near Beijing, has been enshrouded in recurrent dense smog since the beginning of the month. Dozens of flights have been canceled, and highways have been closed.

Its air quality index collected at the city's 17 monitoring stations has indicated hazardous pollution and prompted lawmakers and political advisers to urge the government to take immediate action.

Wang Yuying, another political adviser, has suggested the government limit fireworks during the Chinese New Year to reduce the amount of pollutants produced by the explosion.

"The density of PM2.5 will surge significantly during Spring Festival, since a large amount of particulate matter will be released from the firecrackers and suspended in the air. It will be difficult to disperse it in a short time," he said.

Yang Xiaofan contributed to this story.

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