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  • Political sessions try to cure 'Beijing cough'

    2013-01-22 21:53

    For lawmakers and political advisors at the ongoing annual sessions in Beijign, the city's new association with the "Beijing cough" is far less welcome than its fame for roast duck and opera.

  • Guizhou comes in from the cold

    2013-01-29 00:03

    Political advisers called for central heating systems to be installed in urban Guizhou province when they gathered for the annual sessions of provincial legislators.

  • Province moves to protect cultural heritage

    2013-01-28 07:29

    Shanxi province is to form a cultural ecological protection zone that will encompass several central areas, including Pingyao.

  • Advisers call for loosened policies on taxis

    2013-01-25 09:23

    Political advisers called for the loosening of taxi policies and introducing a reservation system to ease the difficulty of hailing a taxi in Beijing.

  • Environment becomes a priority

    2013-01-25 08:18

    Journalists usually report social changes, but sometimes they signify the changes themselves.

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