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  • Parents should stay in their hometowns: official

    2013-02-01 17:26

    A deputy to the Hunan provincial people's congress said that mothers who have children under 3 years old should not leave home for extended periods of time.

  • New Shaanxi governor tells of livelihoods goal

    2013-02-01 17:16

    Lou Qinjian, newly elected governor of Northwest China's Shaanxi province, says the authorities there want to improve people's livelihoods.

  • Advisers call for loosened policies on taxis

    2013-01-25 09:23

    Political advisers called for the loosening of taxi policies and introducing a reservation system to ease the difficulty of hailing a taxi in Beijing.

  • Lawmaker calls for caning to punish criminals

    2013-01-30 17:08

    A lawmaker in Guangdong has called for caning to be introduced to punish male criminals in the fight against crime.

  • Hunan high-school students lack physical exercise

    2013-01-30 21:18

    More than 60 percent of local high-school students spend less than 30 minutes a day doing physical exercise, said a political advisor in Central China's Hunan province.

  • Hebei ready for economic development

    2013-01-30 20:12

    Hebei will be better prepared for the industry that will move there from the capital in the next five years, making the surrounding economic region more competitive.

  • Xu Shousheng elected governor of Hunan province

    2013-01-30 14:28

    Xu Shousheng was elected governor of central China's Hunan Province on Wednesday at the first session of the 12th Hunan Provincial People's Congress, the local legislature.

  • Jilin aims to boost ginseng industry

    2013-01-29 21:22

    Jilin province will boost its ginseng industry to climb the global high-end ginseng market in the next five years, said Bayin Chaolu, acting governor of the province.

  • Li Xiaopeng elected governor of Shanxi

    2013-01-29 19:15

    Li Xiaopeng was elected governor of North China's coal-rich Shanxi province on Tuesday at the first session of the 12th provincial People's Congress.

  • Advisers call for regional efforts to reduce emissions

    2013-01-29 03:35

    Hebei province's political advisory body is urging authorities in the region to implement stricter, more coordinated policies to cut emissions and control the worsening air quality in northern China.

  • Li Bin reelected governor of Anhui province

    2013-01-28 19:54

    Li Bin was reelected governor of East China's Anhui province Monday at the first session of the 12th Anhui Provincial People's Congress, the provincial legislative body.

  • Movie star Chow misses Guangdong CPPCC date

    2013-01-22 20:32

    Stephen Chow will miss the opening of the annual session of the Guangdong committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference on Wednesday due to a tight schedule.

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