Opinion / Cai Hong

Regional arms race is clear and presents danger

[2016-07-25 07:53]

Describing China as a source of tension, Japan is intent on giving itself further justification to beef up its military.

Japan's economy still moribund despite Abenomics

[2016-07-04 08:18]

Data released in Tokyo last week paint a grim picture of Japan's economy and population.

Upper house victory may embolden Abe to revise Constitution

[2016-07-19 07:46]

Given the split in Japanese society over constitutional revision, Abe may not rush to remove Article 9 but he could amend other areas in the Constitution to set a precedent for future revisionists.

Japan trying old tricks to target China

[2016-07-13 07:59]

On July 1, the first day of Japan's one-month presidency of the 15-member United Nations Security Council, Japanese Ambassador to the UN Koro Bessho voiced "deep concern" about maritime disputes between China and some of its neighbors. He also said the Security Council would take up issues on the request of its members or other UN members. This shows Japan's eagerness to raise the so-called South China Sea issue on the international stage.

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