Are private schools selling pipe dreams to students' parents?

During one of my journeys to Montreal, my hometown in Canada, I had the chance to meet a Chinese who was supposed to be studying in Canada, yet he was working at the counter of a Subway outlet in downtown Montreal.

Great-grandfather’s Jingning apples

It was the first time in four years our 6 year old had been able to have a face-to-face chat with her Chinese great-grandfather. However, they were in different countries this time and it was WeChat that finally brought the mountains of Gansu province closer to our flat in the UK. Great-grandfather proudly showed us the last of his apple harvest.

The melting pot metropolis

Straddling the banks of the Yangtze and Jialing Rivers, Chongqing is a vast and rapidly developing city in Southwest China. I first moved here from Zhejiang a little over five years ago, and have seen urban transformation unfold before my eyes.

An unforgettable journey to Nanjing

The tourist industry in China has been transformed into a lucrative venture during these five years of current Chinese Government. I would highly recommend a trip to both the foreigners and Chinese from other parts, to gain knowledge and could learn something valuable from the history.

China & Latin America – A new chapter of economic growth

China has proven its economic insight through a huge investment in Asian countries but the domain is not just limited to Asian, European, African countries but the new emerging market in Latin American countries.

My perceptions of China's development

The first time I came to China, obviously, I was astonished by how different my country was compared to it.

Beijing — One of the easiest places to have a comfortable life

People that haven’t visited China often consider it an intimidating place to travel, let alone live, as a foreigner. ”Why China?“ everyone asked when I announced I was moving to Beijing last year. It’s not a question asked of those who move to London or Paris.

The life of an oncologist in China

The life of an oncologist is special among doctors of other specialties, and being a female doctor makes this more unique.

Taichi: A dream come true

Once I arrived in China, it was my dream to learn tai chi and kung fu and master the techniques of martial arts.

My memorable time in China

I think by now you have a fair idea about how China has developed so fast while at the same time maintained its culture and tradition.

Beijing Marathon 2017-My experience

As a Malaysian, I was lucky to get the chance to run Beijing Marathon this year, one of the top class marathon races in China. I enjoyed it in my own way, but it maybe a little different compared with my fellow Chinese runners.

Grottoes and China's peaceful rise

"The main sculpture of the Buddha in this cave is 16.8 meters tall and it was carved between 460 and 470 AD. This is the second-largest sculpture here," tour guide of the Yungang grottoes, Daton city, Shanxi province, said.

14 years of China through western eyes

When I get a chance to return to my native London, it seems almost lethargic by comparison. There is a famous saying, "He who is tired of London, is tired of life." It should be updated to read "He who is tired of London should go to Shanghai." There one will see energy, optimism, creativity and glimpse what the future will look like in the economic capital of what will surely soon be the world's largest economy.

Is the Chinese identity crumbling?

It is common, a practice as old as humanity itself. So many express easily their opinion on others, as it is, unbridled, generally without a full knowledge of their history, the backgrounds. It is even worse when the viewpoint concerns a foreigner, often a deluge of biases and assumptions, once in a while, half-truths.

Life isn't about receiving but giving

With a successful start in October 2013, we have made the dream of "International Education" a reality.


The growth of China

On the 31st of August 2012, as I landed my feet on Chinese ground, I started to breathe in the air coming from the breeze. It was familiar. I felt so excited to be back in China, though that time was for my studies.

From India to China, 'my second home'

This is not a fairy tale. It is a true story of a long cherished dream being fulfilled by an unemployed man living in a small village in West Bengal, India. Yes, this is my seven days of real life being in China, which I will never forget

New China experiences trigger old Beijing memories

I envy my friends who grew up in Beijing, because they remember their childhoods. When I immigrated to America, I was old enough to miss China, but not to remember it. My homesickness never manifests in yearning for a particular place. Instead, I have moments of paralysis, when I go still at the conviction, I have been here before.

Finding my lot in Life

During the 2017 Spring festival holiday period, I was lucky enough to be invited to stay with the family of a close Chinese friend in the countryside of Yong He, north of Lanzhou in Northwest China's Gansu province.

Beijing – the king of renao

Having just ordered a little after-dinner snack serving of dumplings from the local restaurant, I sit on one of the small, flimsy chairs and wait for them to be freshly prepared. The scene here tonight is usual for local Chinese restaurants: waitresses yelling to each other about mixed-up orders, the sound of the kitchen at work, and customers eating and talking in equal measure and vigor.

Fun and fear on Taobao odyssey

I am a self-professed shopaholic and traveler.I vowed someday to work in China so I could see and shop more.

Chinese food: My first impression that didn't last

One cannot deny that food is one main source of our happiness and it is indeed our thirst for survival. China won my heart when it got through my stomach.

My Chinese experience

Arriving to Beijing hasn't been an easy step in my life, not even small, since the first moment I stepped on this land I was exposed to a new language, which I didn't understand anything so that was Chinese great wall, it was impossible for me to ask directions, order food, communicate with people, therefore I didn't feel in home.

China's robotic revolution in full swing

China became the world's biggest market for industrial robots in 2013, surpassing Japan. In 2016, China manufactured 72,000 industrial robots, around a quarter of global output. According to a report released by the Chinese Institute of Electronics on August 23, 2017, it is estimated that more than 110,000 robots will be sold by China for industrial use in 2017.

Chinese E-pay development

Without a doubt, China has succeeded magnificently in its development of the online market and E-pay systems. In this area, I look forward to bigger and better things inChina's future.

China – A place where development is willed into solid reality

China, a land of incessant development, has been continuously reaching the milestones deemed impossible by rest of the world. In the last five years, China has developed dramatically in all sectors under the leadership of President Xi Jinping.

Chinese Dream is well on its way to becoming reality

For China the five-year interval since the 18th Communist Party of China (CPC) Congress in 2012 has been marked by remarkable changes both internationally and domestically. China was the world’s leading power for more than a millennium until aggression by foreign powers beginning with Britain’s First Opium War in 1839 began the period of China’s national humiliation.

Man-Made in China

China is known around the world for manufacturing and production of goods. The phrase ‘Made in China’ has become synonymous with China’s rise as an economic powerhouse in the world.

A trek to the east that empowered me

Everyone has a narrative. A narrative full of diverse choices and paths which led them to be who they are today. For that reason, I will start by saying never believe any prediction that does not empower you.

What a Kazakh female learned in China

Sometimes we take a decision that completely changes our lives. When I decided to come to China to learn Chinese 4 years ago at the age of 21, I did not realize that I was taking such a big step.


How I lived before China

Since I was first in China in 2012, my life, and China itself, have developed and changed a lot. My first China interaction was in 2012, when I came here with a friend to backpack. We traveled from Beijing to Shanghai to Xi’an to Anhui to Sichuan to Guilin and to Hong Kong, all in 5 weeks.

My China diaries: How China changed my personality

I was not much of an adventurous person before coming to China. Back home, I spent my whole life at work, and therefore, I had so much stress that I could ever imagine.

China's quest for a better, cleaner environment

I met a student from Africa on my first year of study in China. He was majoring in architecture at the time, and after conversations with him, I saw his ardent passion for his field. Living in China for more than 5 years, he showed evidence of how quickly China developed over a short period of time.

How China is changing in front of my eyes

Beijing. It is a hot July afternoon. I am in the heart of the city, in bustling Guomao, a district that is all dressed in glass. That’s the place where one can feel the pulse of the city, hear its sounds which, for the most part, are cars honking, people talking on their phones, and yellow and orange bikes behind you beeping to let them pass.

Home away from home in China

I’ve lived in China for close to 10 years and I get asked quite often by family and friends — mostly skeptics — why I have been here for such a long time. I tell them there are a plethora of reasons why I choose to stay in China, one of the world’s oldest civilizations. It wasn’t love at first sight, but over time that love has blossomed into something beautiful. I can now confidently say China is my second home.

Want to launch a global career? Go to China!

Last Thursday, as my plane was about to take off, I realized that day I had breakfast in New York, lunch in Washington D.C. and dinner in Miami. What’s more, I travelled by car, train, bike and plane in less than 12 hours.

My experience in ever-changing China

The first response from my academic colleagues in The Netherlands when I announced I would study innovation in China in 2004 was, “That must be a short project!” Today the world is embracing China as an innovation nation, one where residents have a “ringside seat to entrepreneurial development”, according to Thinkers50.

My Journey in China

My love for Chinese culture was increased many times once I was introduced to calligraphy, Chinese literature, martial arts, tea culture and Chinese economy.

Setting milestones in cultural exchange - Opening up to the outside world

As a foreigner myself I must admit that since 2015, when I moved to Chongqing, not a single week has passed without hearing news of cultural events being organized throughout the country.

My week as a celebrity

So there I was in Linzi district, standing under an enormous statue of the Qi emperor and facing a television camera. The director patiently but urgently repeated the Chinese words I was supposed to learn on the spot, while 12 other people representing the television station and the local government looked on.

My life in medical research

China has made giant leaps in the medical field, as it has done in other fields.

Serendipity in China

In one year I have learned a lot here and still this journey continues, with promising prospects.

A meaningful and profound experience in Chengdu

This overwhelming event came to be an experience that marked me profoundly in China.

China has come a long way

To be frank, I was hesitant to write an article about China's National Holiday. I attribute my apprehension to the fact that I have written several articles emphasizing the amazing achievements that China has been able to attain since the establishment of the People’s Republic of China in 1949.

Experiences of China: Life as a doctor

Life is full of challenges and hurdles, but hard work, resilience and consistency is the key to success.