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Duterte's visit clearly revealed Japan's strategic calculations

[2016-10-31 08:16]

The Mainichi Shimbun called close cooperation between Japan, the United States and the Philippines the "core" of Japan's security policy in the South China Sea.

Art triennale brings life back to dying islands

[2016-10-24 08:17]

The sustainable future of the islands remains unsure as the Triennale may not bring enough residents. But the art is making people happy.

Abe administration still dragging its feet over ratification of Paris pact

[2016-10-10 07:49]

With the world's fight against global climate change gathering steam, pressure is growing on Japan, the world's fifth-largest emitter, which has not ratified the Paris climate change treaty that will formally come into force on Nov 4.

China, Japan need to shelve disputes and live with each other

[2016-09-26 07:45]

China and Japan should have got along well given that their trade relations are largely complementary and hugely beneficial for both sides.

Japan must reduce the suicide rate among students

[2016-09-19 07:47]

Experts' explanation for this: Teens who are bullied fear returning to school.

Tensions and arms, rising swiftly on the Korean Peninsula

[2016-09-12 07:56]

Russia's foreign ministry warned that the THAAD deployment would spark an arms race in the region and complicate the resolution of the nuclear problem on the Korean Peninsula.

Japan's overtures to Russia to join its fold bound to fail

[2016-09-07 07:48]

Apart from the territorial dispute, Japan hopes to leverage its warmer relations with Russia to counterbalance its icy ties with China and to boost its role as a global player.

Neighbors share willingness to improve their ties

[2016-08-29 07:50]

Efforts in this regard would be timely as China and Japan are set to observe the 45th anniversary of the normalization of their relations next year and the 40th anniversary of the signing of China-Japan Treaty of Peace and Friendship in 2018.

By opposing US nuke policy, Abe shows true colors

[2016-08-22 08:25]

Aug 6 and 9 are days of mourning for Hiroshima and Nagasaki. On Aug 6, 1945, the United States dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima. Three days later, it dropped a second one on Nagasaki. Japan surrendered in World War II on Aug 15.

Seeds of success lie in the dreams of youngsters

[2016-08-15 08:10]

Should we take elementary schoolers' dreams seriously? The question came to my mind while I was watching the ongoing Rio Olympic Games on TV. Japanese athletes' success stories may provide food for thought in this respect.

New defense minister will not bring Japan closer to neighbors

[2016-08-08 08:09]

Abe's Cabinet reshuffle was Japan's internal affair. But his pick of Inada as defense minister will make it difficult for Japan's strained relations with its neighbors to move on.

Military cooperation not aid, Abe's tool of choice in SE Asia

[2016-08-01 08:00]

Although the three countries have no territorial claims in the South China Sea, they are intervening in the region in the name of "freedom of navigation" and "the rule of law".

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