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Beijing, Tokyo must build mutual trust to improve ties

[2017-06-12 07:41]

In February 1972, then US president Richard Nixon visited Beijing in an effort to improve his country's relations with China. Since it didn't get prior information from the United States about the trip, Japan was caught unawares.

Japan can't buy pride by fabricating its history of war crimes

[2017-06-07 07:35]

Toshio Motoya, president of Tokyo-based land developer and operator of APA Group, is again playing his favorite game of manipulating historical evidence through a new book, which hit bookstores on Friday. In his latest book, The Real History of Japan: Japan Pride, Motoya continues to deny that Japanese troops were responsible for the Nanjing Massacre in 1937-38. He even goes further to blame Chinese soldiers for the looting and killings.

Japan can't buy pride by fabricating its history of war crimes

[2017-06-06 10:02]

Motoya's attempt to deny the Nanjing Massacre is thus an affront to not only the survivors of the massacre but also people at large.

Complacency and arrogance hallmark of Abe's leadership

[2017-05-31 07:07]

Hideo Onishi, a lawmaker from Japan's ruling Liberal Democratic Party, has taken a lot of heat for his remark denigrating cancer patients.

Abe's 'Japan First' slogan doesn't gel with his TPP role

[2017-05-22 07:11]

To dilute the protectionist element in his slogan, Abe said Japan would pursue a path of global peace and prosperity.

Feeler to Moon won't make it easy for Abe to win over Seoul

[2017-05-15 07:22]

Moon's victory, it seems, will lead to a shift in the ROK's foreign policy, which will have an impact on the country's ties with its neighbors and allies while also influencing the situation in East Asia.

Abe aims to unchain Japan from the postwar regime

[2017-05-08 07:38]

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has waited for the right time to show his hand. And the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, by test-firing missiles and threatening to conduct another nuclear test, has given Abe the ruse.

What can stop Japan from continuing to deny the truth

[2017-04-24 07:18]

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's administration apologized in 2015 for the women and girls called "comfort women" who were forced into sexual slavery by Japanese army before and during the World War II. It offered to help the Republic of Korea set up a fund for the surviving victims. At the same time, it has kept clearing the wartime Japanese authorities of responsibilities for those women's ordeal.

Worrying revival of imperial rescript as educational tool

[2017-04-10 07:31]

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Defense Minister Tomomi Inada have praised the spirit of the rescript saying it can help to foster the right moral principles.

Japan's development assistance has become a security policy tool

[2017-03-27 07:29]

Japan released its annual report on foreign aid on Tuesday, which shows the country is shifting further away from its traditional official development assistance policy.

School scandal puts nationalist lobby group in the spotlight

[2017-03-20 07:37]

Japan's ruling and opposition parties have decided to summon Yasunori Kagoike, head of the Osaka-based education institution Moritomo Gakuen, to Diet, or Japan's parliament to answer questions on March 23.

Political whirlwind in the ROK shows its ties with Japan are shaky

[2017-03-13 07:19]

The Republic of Korea is set to have a presidential election, likely in early May, thanks to the country's Constitutional Court stripping Park Geun-hye of her presidential powers on Friday.

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