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  • Increase small-scale banks to help SMEs

    2013-04-08 17:08

    China needs to increase its number of small-scale banks to ease the financing plight of small and medium enterprises that are struggling to cope with the rising costs of loans.

  • Mature banking systems needed for SME financing

    2013-04-08 14:02

    "We need to make the banking systems more mature and provide SMEs more opportunities to get better financing."

  • SMEs need to be responsive to the market

    2013-04-08 14:01

    "SMEs need to be responsive to the market needs and work with larger companies to fill the gap in the market...We need the government to provide an enabling ecosystem for them."

  • Language and customs 'biggest challenges'

    2013-04-08 14:00

    "NGOs and other social groups are actively joining in the public diplomacy. It is the best time of all for China to tell her story to the outside world."

  • 'Go back to the fundamentals'

    2013-04-08 11:07

    "We need to give full play to the innovation and ability of every individual. We need to go back to the fundamentals in our educational system."

  • 'Innovation is a spirit'

    2013-04-08 10:59

    "Innovation is a spirit. Leaders can change the spirit of a country and this can be done especially in China."

  • Emerging markets losing speed

    2013-04-08 10:57

    "While China is encouraging the shift to a consumption-based economy, huge resource pressures mean we must pay attention to sustainability as well."

  • Current solutions can lead to future problems

    2013-04-08 10:52

    "You always sow the seeds of the next crisis by solving the current one. With so much liquidity being pushed into the system, this could be cause of the next crisis."

  • Forum for injecting new ideas

    2013-04-08 10:37

    "Rather than serving as a platform for negotiation, the G20 should be a forum for injecting new ideas into the global policy-making process."

  • 'For reform to work, it requires timing'

    2013-04-06 11:09

    For reform to work, it requires timing. Relying on business leaders alone will not work, business leaders in China are grassroots people. They cannot push for reforms.

  • 'We do not have to reinvent the wheel'

    2013-04-06 11:09

    Sometimes we do not have to reinvent the wheel. We do not have to innovate all the time. We can just draw upon the fruit of other people's innovation.

  • New Zealand-China relationship going from strength to strength

    2013-04-04 16:38

    New Zealand's relationship with China is growing in importance and strength as the two countries expand cooperation and exchanges, John Key said.

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