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Mature banking systems needed for SME financing

Updated: 2013-04-08 14:02

"SMEs have to constantly innovate their core technology. What they need is a good business model, good corporate culture and a team of people who have a shared vision of working together."

"Financing issue is a big one for China. After the reforms, the banking systems are yet to mature. Without collateral and fixed assets, banks fail to support SMEs. We need to make the banking systems more mature and provide SMEs more opportunities to get better financing."

-- LI Zibing, President, China Association of SMEs

"In the same way SMEs may lack access to human resources and funds, they may also lack understanding of the market the operate in. One way to solve this issue is for SMEs with similar interests and vision to group together. They can help each other and that will also influence better policies and regulation."

-- Emmanuel Limido, President & CEO, Centuria Capital