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Travels of Baodu Village 2011-08-29
Baodu Village, the back garden of Shijiazhuang, is a scenic spot located near the city.

Guangfu: an ancient town with new life 2010-12-13
It is a typical northern Chinese ancient town surrounded by an artificial river.

Country escapes 2010-09-29
Hebei Province in northern China offers a vast array of rural getaways, from fireworks festivals to cultural village and peaceful town squares.

In the footsteps of emperors 2010-09-23
Chengde Mountain Resort was a holiday retreat of China's last emperors.

Recommended campsites in Hebei 2010-09-08
Here are three campsites especially for travelers who love outdoor recreation.

Trotting up the Wall 2010-09-02
Feasting on the Great Wall under the stars is the stuff of dreams for many visitors to Beijing. Alexis Hooi takes the experience further by joining a group of horseback riders to scale a little-known but historic section of the fortification.

Uncovering sealed memories at China Bicycle Museum 2010-08-27

Time travel 2010-06-24
The Shanhai Pass of the Great Wall in Hebei province is the perfect place to catch a glimpse of life in China some 600 years ago.