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Orient City Shopping Mall
Orient City Shopping Mall is just next to the railway station of Shijiazhuang so there are always lots of people shopping there.

Shijiazhuang Shopping
Although not on a par with the 'shopping paradise' that is Shanghai, Shijiazhuang, as a modern provincial capital city, is at least a pleasant place for shopping due to the department stores and shopping malls it contains.

Xiantianxia Shopping Mall
It is called the best and largest shopping mall in the city for its satisfactory variety of goods and restaurant and there is a cinema as well.

Beiguo Shopping Centre
Beiguo Shopping Centre is at the center of the city and is the economic center of Shijiazhuang as well.

Local products
Vegetables: Cangzhou preserved vegetables, Qizhou radix rhapontici, high quality rice in Zhuozhou and Weizhou