In Tibet, a community of art

( China Daily ) Updated: 2014-08-15 07:24:19

In Tibet, a community of art

[Photo by Liu Xiangrui/China Daily]

Centuries-old ethnic crafts continue to thrive in Qamdo county's Karma town in the Tibet autonomous region.

Throughout history, craftsmen from Nepal, India, Lhasa and other parts of China have traveled to work for the historically important Karma Monastery. Over the years, they settled down and gradually formed a crafts enclave that makes religious items, including the scroll paintings known as thangka, bronze Buddha statues, prayer-stone carvings and clothing accessories.

Among the town's 1,200 adults, there are 140 silversmiths, 72 thangka painters, 98 stone carvers and 18 carpenters.

Thanks to the efforts of senior craftsmen like thangka master Karma Delek (left), 82, and assistance from local government, the old arts are attracting more young successors.

Governmental guidance and promotion have enhanced the production efficiency and market for the crafts. Traditional artists' incomes have been growing in recent years.

In Tibet, a community of art

In Tibet, a community of art

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