Artworks on China's countryside generate nostalgia

( CNTV ) Updated: 2014-08-14 07:00:00

Artworks on China's countryside generate nostalgia

Artworks on China's countryside generate nostalgia. [Photo/CNTV]

China has been through tremendous change over the past decades, and there will be more as the country keeps pushing forward the course of urbanization. Such transformation can be seen prominently in the countryside. But some artists think there are things that should remain untouched.

Artworks on China's countryside generate nostalgia

A brush with storytelling 

Artworks on China's countryside generate nostalgia

Narrative in oil 

This series of oil paintings have been creating a lot of buzz on the Internet. Many say that the images remind them of their hometown and evoke a sense of nostalgia.

The artist behind the works is Li Zijian, who grew up in a small village in Hunan province. Li says all his works are inspired by his memories.

"I went to live with some of my relatives when I was 4 years old. I don't remember many things from that time, but I do remember how beautiful the village was. All the memories form pictures in my mind and naturally come alive on my paintings," Li Zijian said.

This photographer recorded his impressions through his lens. Jiao Bo is from rural Shandong. He left his hometown at an early age to study in the city. He recently finished shooting a documentary.

"I come back every year and take a photo of my parents. And an idea gradually dawned on me. I thought that I should keep a record of the whole village as it's been changing over the years. Although our country has achieved a lot, this is where we started from," Jiao Bo said.

It took Jiao Bo and his 5-strong crew over a year to finish the documentary. He wants more people to see his work, and keep their own memories of their hometowns clear and constant.

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