China, Germany underscore peaceful coexistence, common development

Updated: 2014-03-29 07:59


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BERLIN - China and Germany on Friday emphasized the great significance of peaceful coexistence of, mutual understanding between and common development of different peoples around the world.

The two countries highlighted the shared standpoint in a joint statement released during Chinese President Xi Jinping's state visit to Germany, which proclaimed the establishment of the China-Germany comprehensive strategic partnership.

The affirmation is particularly meaningful as the world marks the 100th and 75th anniversary of the outbreak of World War I and II.

China and Germany, said the statement, are committed to peacefully tackling regional and global disputes and conflicts in line with the UN Charter and international law.

The two sides, it added, welcome the broadening and deepening of European integration and regional cooperation in Asia, and stand ready to push for the establishment of an international order based on fairer and more reasonable rules.

Germany welcomes China's peaceful development, which will enable China to make greater contributions to regional and global security, the document said.

The two countries also stressed that they respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of each other, while Germany reiterated its adherence to the one-China policy and support for the peaceful development of cross-Strait relations.