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Lijiang ethnic costume exhibition hall opens

Updated : 2016-08-10

An exhibition hall displaying Lijiang ethnic groups' traditional clothes and handicrafts opened in Lijiang's old town area on Aug 8.

Visitors to the hall can appreciate original and traditional clothes featuring the art of different ethnic groups, including the Naxi, Yi, Bai and Lishu.

The head of the company in charge of the exhibition said that visitors who are paying maintenance fees for the Old Town of Lijiang can wear the hall's costumes for two hours. Hundreds of clothing items and embroideries in colors of dark red, jet black and bright yellow hang in the hall; a remarkable display as features of 12 ethnic groups collide with each other. The exhibition displays not only traditional articles but also Lijiang's profound cultural heritages.

He Hongyang, deputy director general of the world cultural heritage old town of Lijiang protection administration, said that the exhibition is to demonstrate the harmonious coexistence of different ethnic groups and their cultures.

He added that the hall will also become a demonstration area for Lijiang's handicraft cultural industry and promote the old town's cultural atmosphere.

Lijiang ethnic costume exhibition hall opens

A Naxi ethnic costume. [Photo/Xinhua]

Lijiang ethnic costume exhibition hall opens

Beautiful Naxi handicraft. [Photo/Xinhua]

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