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Video pollution offends people's peaceful minds
The mushrooming video screens in buses, taxis and apartment lobbies in cities like Shanghai are taking away our already scarce resource: a place for a moment of peace.

Money talks, so paying up is reasonable
Li Yinhe is a person of controversy. The strange thing is that her proposal to legalize homosexual marriage has been eclipsed by her demand to charge a fee for press interviews.

Consumers can't be left in the dark
You've used a kind of toothpaste for years and are used to it. But you are told one day that there might be something unhealthy, even poisonous, in it. How would you feel?

What's in a name? Destiny, Chinese say
The bliss a newborn child brings to a family is always accompanied by finding a name for the baby.

Public governance needs re-evaluation
Asia has been hit recently by three irregularities involving an upstart IT entrepreneur, a renowned scientist and a national charity in its three most developed economies: Japan, the Republic of Korea (ROK) and Singapore.


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