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Let's be friends: A trainer kisses a white whale at an aquarium in Harbin, Northeast China's Heilongjiang Province, before giving her a physical check-up on Friday. It was the first examination given to the whale since she settled down at the park last November. The white whale, or beluga, is found mainly in Arctic waters. (XINHUA)

Coal output set to reach record high of 2.5b tons
Top energy planners are seeking, in the next five years, to raise China's coal output to an unprecedented level and, at the same time, reduce the number of large mining disasters.

EU likely to impose tax on imports of Chinese shoes
The European Commission is likely to impose a provisional tax on imports of Chinese leather shoes, despite disagreement about the move among member states.

Bankers confident about future growth
Chinese bankers are confident about the country's future economic growth and are satisfied with the government's monetary policies, an investigation has revealed.

Curtain to be raised on Year of Russia
The curtain on the Year of Russia in China will be officially raised next week.

Guidance needed to prevent teen pregnancies
They were 16-year-old classmates, studied together regularly and were clearly attracted to each other.

Teen pregnancy: Is it inevitable?

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