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Tseji (centre) poses with other members of the all women forest patrol group from Bazhu Village in Yunnan.

Tibetan women shield heart of Yunnan
SHANGRI-LA, Yunnan: It's a jarring contrast. The resplendent greenery of Bazhu, perched at the top of a valley in the heart of the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau, is like an oasis amid the bare mountains that surround it.

Bird protector guards wetland
MENGJIN, Henan: In the Yellow River Wetland Reserve in Mengjin County, Central China's Henan Province, Zhang Huiduan was patrolling along the riverbank on the snow on a freezing day early last month.

Chilling out in China's chilli capital
CHENGDU: To my surprise, the weather of Chengdu, Southwest China's Sichuan Province, was rather cold in late February.

'New water ethic' urged as rivers dry up all over the world
LONDON: Every time there is a drought, water companies can be found dusting off their plans for new reservoirs. After another dry winter in the UK, 2006 is unlikely to be an exception.

Education programme
WWF China's Education Programme has been working in Shangri-La since 1998, when they supported two Baimaxueshan Nature Reserve employees to go on training courses.

Levels of concern in the UK
Two years ago, a survey revealed that at least seven new reservoirs were planned in England.

A little company: Singles enjoy travelling in groups
KIEL, Germany: Vacation time the most anticipated part of the year is often a source of annoyance for singles. Couples only have to pick a destination together. Single people have to either scrounge up a travelling partner, or reconcile themselves to flying solo.

Undiscovered Puglia offers authentic Italian food, life
PUGLIA, Italy: Puglia is the new Tuscany. So much is conveyed by that sentence the food will be tasty; you won't meet Tony Blair; you won't even meet anyone English; you definitely will not find yourself on exactly the same town-to-town perambulation as another English couple with the same guidebook.




Bazhu women help each other with their traditional costumes. The people of Bazhu believe that upholding their Tibetan traditions will help protect their village.

A scene of the Thames in London.

Zhang Huiduan finds a dead wild goose, which comes from the upper reaches of the river, at the Yellow River Wetland Reserve.

A cup of tea, a newspaper, or a plate of watermelon seeds and two or three friends either in a tea house or a park that's usually the way the Chengdu people spend their spare time. The picture shows a typical day at the 200-year-old Hexiang Teahouse inside the People's Park in downtown Chengdu.

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