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'My Chinese Working Day': An Australian's story


American in Beijing lives his Chinese dream


Russian underwater performers' Chinese dream


French entrepreneur's Chinese dream


American man applies to be 'Xicheng Dama'


Foreign mediator in China's 'world supermarket' Yiwu


'Baozza' restaurant will move to new location

Challenges and problems are learning opportunities

All in all 2016 has been a great year for us. I am always grateful that we are a cross-cultural family, living with people from all kinds of backgrounds. I hope I never stop learning from others.

'Foreign son-in-law' assists local village in tourism

A Frenchman, whose Chinese name is Ding Yimu, has worked as an assistant to the head of Hehong village in Ninghai county of Ningbo, Zhejiang province, for one year, and his main job is to promote tourism.

About My Chinese Dream

Since it provides myriad possibilities and opportunities, it is little wonder that in the 21st century it is the China Dream that everyone is talking about.

My China Dream is a weekly news feature launched in June 2012, which focuses on an expat who shares their experiences and hopes related to China.

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A distant connection

Before Yang Heping realized he was really Fred Engst, he struggled with his American identity, something he only discovered when he went home for the first time at the age of 22. Han Bingbin tracks that journey.

From Russia with love

Ties between China and Russia are celebrated by a Beijing chorus group, Liu Xin and Cheng Lu of China Features report.

Tumbling into China

Beijing International Arts School is a big attraction for aspiring foreign acrobats. Chen Nan reports on a growing trend.

The ties that bind

As general secretary of the Chinese Alumni Association of Tanzania, reports Liu Xiangrui, the fluent Mandarin speaker Swai Mosses is well positioned to further improve relations between the two countries.

Men of La Mancha

He is tilting at windmills that will power the future of Chinese musical theater, but Joseph Graves tells Chen Nan that this is what makes him happiest.

Beyond diplomatic language

He is an ambassador from Seychelles who has written a novel on a young Chinese prince's path to Venice. The French-language book has been translated into Chinese.

Behind the mask

Sierra Leone native Mariatu Kargbo has captured China's heart with her devotion to its culture and people.

Fast lane in Guangzhou

Karl Fjellstrom is happiest looking at traffic as it hums smoothly along a major thoroughfare in Guangzhou, Guangdong province.

Painted faces

The colorful makeup of Peking Opera masks Ghaffar Pourazar's nationality, and at the same time reveals the lifelong dedication of a true lover of the art.

The innkeeper from Japan

Katsuyuki Hayashi had arrived in China for an international symposium, but he loved what he saw so much he decided to stay. Now, he plays host to other visitors from abroad, including his fellow Japanese.

Now I know my A-B-C

There is a rural village in Guangdong where even a 4-year-old can fluently respond to an English greeting.

The art of China watching

He has spent the better part of his 20s in China, studying, observing and writing about what he sees. Now, Kato Yoshikazu is leaving and wants to share his thoughts.

Fabulous foreign talent

He's from the United States, she's from Canada, and they sang their way into the hearts of Chinese fans.

'One suicide is too many'

A Canadian psychiatrist pioneers research on people who attempt to kill themselves. Yang Yijun and Xu Junqian report in Shanghai.

Back to tradition

An American herbalist has found his own place in the sun in China, and he's doing his best to spread his knowledge among both locals and expatriates. Ye Jun and Matt Erspamer have the story.

Pictures of progress

Benoit Cezard likes Wuhan so much he is teaching its citizens to look at their home with new eyes. He Dan reports in Wuhan.

Towering testimony

Designer of the Canton Tower Mark Hemel has decided Guangzhou is the place to move forward with family and career. He talks to Xu Jingxi in Guangzhou.

Man on a mission

The great-great-grandson of an American Methodist missionary travels to China to retrace his ancestors' footsteps. Wang Kaihao joins him in Anhui province.

A new home court

Disgraced former NBA star Stephon Marbury reinvents himself in China. Sun Xiaochen reports in Beijing.

Styling for success

China is indeed a land of opportunity, as Martha Makuena found out.

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