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'My Chinese Working Day': An Australian's story


American in Beijing lives his Chinese dream


Russian underwater performers' Chinese dream


French entrepreneur's Chinese dream


American man applies to be 'Xicheng Dama'


Foreign mediator in China's 'world supermarket' Yiwu


'Baozza' restaurant will move to new location

Challenges and problems are learning opportunities

All in all 2016 has been a great year for us. I am always grateful that we are a cross-cultural family, living with people from all kinds of backgrounds. I hope I never stop learning from others.

'Foreign son-in-law' assists local village in tourism

A Frenchman, whose Chinese name is Ding Yimu, has worked as an assistant to the head of Hehong village in Ninghai county of Ningbo, Zhejiang province, for one year, and his main job is to promote tourism.

About My Chinese Dream

Since it provides myriad possibilities and opportunities, it is little wonder that in the 21st century it is the China Dream that everyone is talking about.

My China Dream is a weekly news feature launched in June 2012, which focuses on an expat who shares their experiences and hopes related to China.

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Olivier Roller: A personal pilgrim for power

The project, which features dozens of important figures, including politicians, financiers, media moguls and diplomats, confronts the audience with the question of what is power and how does one think about it.

German linguist says China goes beyond Babel

German linguist Patrick Kuehnel says he is impressed with China's efforts in boosting cross-cultural links with the rest of the world.

Painter asks people to probe his mind

Sean Scully, 71, is fighting the weariness that an international artist has to face today because of extensive travel in a globalized art world.

The genes of dreams

Nobel-winning biologist Craig Mello tells Liu Xiangrui that the stage is set for China to play a leading role in world science.

Modern Mantra

Chinese management styles are evolving to tackle complexity and change, says Austrian guru Fredmund Malik.

Chinese kung fu in Egypt: Mohamed Noah and his Wing Tsun class

Mohamed Noah performs Wing Tsun moves during a class at Egypt Wing Tsun Academy, Cairo, Egypt on March 1, 2016.

Swiss expert Andreas Goetz helps China drop by drop

A Swiss water expert's long collaboration with his Chinese counterparts yields results. Liu Xiangrui reports.

A diplomat's tales of three Chinese cities

Former Egyptian ambassador Mahmoud Allam shares his impressions of China via interaction with people in Beijing, Shenzhen and Chengdu.

Love of machines

American engineer reluctantly takes up a job at a Chinese company and is happily surprised, report Zhang Li in Nanning and Liu Xiangrui in Beijing.

Preeminent historian of China dies at 82

Philip Kuhn, a preeminent British-born American historian on Chinese history, died on Monday. He was 82.

A savior of fertility

When local colleagues jokingly call him "a real friend of Chinese women", Alfred Otto Mueck smiles and says it is an honor to help Chinese women resolve their health issues.

Italian veteran gets into the act in La Gioconda

Pier Luigi Pizzi, Italian opera director, and set and costume designer, is in Beijing, working an elaborate new production of La Gioconda, which will be staged at the NCPA in Beijing Jan 27-31.

Sailing into the big league

Klaus Filter, 83, a German designer of rowing shells, helped transform a local workshop into a global company. Liu Xiangrui reports in Fuyang, Zhejiang province.

Expats blaze path to greater understanding

When Sino-Egyptian economic relations are further enhanced by the opening of the New Suez Canal and the Belt and Road Initiative, many Egyptians will be making their livings in China, and using their personal backgrounds to contribute to a more consolidated people-to-people contact.

Interview with MoMA director on contemporary Chinese art

Levenson shared with us his take on contemporary Chinese art and what it means to the world. He also gave suggestions on how contemporary Chinese art can be seen, heard and felt by a global audience.

French pianist to charm Beijing audience with recital

Julien Gelas, French composer and pianist, is bringing his very own genre of music to Beijing audiences next month at his piano recital entitled L'éclaircie.

Brains on his mind

In the past decade, 72-year-old American neurophysiologist Mark Hallett has flown regularly to China to work with his Chinese counterparts to expand and improve treatments of movement disorders and Parkinson's disease.

Constructing connections

Italian engineer Bruno Briseghella is building human relationships in Fuzhou. Bruno Briseghella likes to build bridges-both physical ones and those between people.

Russian expert seeks sustainable soil solutions in China

Vladimir Matychenkov, a soil expert from Russia, is digging up fields in Central China for sustainable solutions.

His message in a bottle

A Frenchman in a coastal Chinese city has combined his zeal for work with passion for life, writes Raymond Zhou.