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'My Chinese Working Day': An Australian's story


American in Beijing lives his Chinese dream


Russian underwater performers' Chinese dream


French entrepreneur's Chinese dream


American man applies to be 'Xicheng Dama'


Foreign mediator in China's 'world supermarket' Yiwu


'Baozza' restaurant will move to new location

Challenges and problems are learning opportunities

All in all 2016 has been a great year for us. I am always grateful that we are a cross-cultural family, living with people from all kinds of backgrounds. I hope I never stop learning from others.

'Foreign son-in-law' assists local village in tourism

A Frenchman, whose Chinese name is Ding Yimu, has worked as an assistant to the head of Hehong village in Ninghai county of Ningbo, Zhejiang province, for one year, and his main job is to promote tourism.

About My Chinese Dream

Since it provides myriad possibilities and opportunities, it is little wonder that in the 21st century it is the China Dream that everyone is talking about.

My China Dream is a weekly news feature launched in June 2012, which focuses on an expat who shares their experiences and hopes related to China.

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Chasing the dragons

He is a farmer who has tilled the soil in several countries from his native Malaysia to Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and now, China. The humble man of the land talks to Li Yang in Qinzhou, Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region.

Girls should dream big, too

She has achieved many firsts in both China and the US, but her main concern is to encourage leadership qualities among the young, especially women.

Lei Feng's African brother

He had never heard of China's icon of selflessness before he arrived in the country, but this unusual young man from Nigeria is carrying on the good work of China's hero soldier.

Kung Fu connections

He straddles two cultures and plays a bridging role, and his introduction to all things Chinese was through a legendary kung fu hero. He tells Sun Ye who and what brought him to China.

Swede ambitions

Linus Holmsater thinks the Chinese work too hard and the long hours will ultimately take a toll on their health. He wants to give them a chance at a healthier lifestyle.

Daring to take flight

Children often have big dreams, to stand in the limelight in front of the cameras, the football field, or even in politics, but perhaps Luc Bendza had the grandest dream of them all. He wanted to fly.

Rolling stone finally settles

Before he moved to Xiamen in 1988, William Brown had already lived in over 30 cities. This American bitten by the travel bug had no intention of staying in Xiamen longer than a year or two and he never imagined he would still be here more than two decades later.

The education of Andrea Pasinetti

Andrea Pasinetti brings teachers to rural schools in China, giving the children a chance of a decent education.

Lofty views of cityscapes

Urban explorer and identity expert JT Singh has made a two-minute visual record of Shanghai that he says will imprint images of the city in minds across the globe.

Happy to enhance China-India friendship

Vikash Kumar Singh: In India, there is a famous quote, "Kaam adhik baten kum—work more, talk less". But this slogan was practically used in China.

A picture in time

A young foreign student snapped a shot of a group of students on a boat trip 30 years ago. Now he is back to find out what had happened to the lives of these students and their teachers.

Kung fu dreams

They are three foreigners who share a passion for an ancient Chinese art. They traveled halfway across the globe to realize their vision of opening up a gym to share their knowledge of martial arts learned in Brazil and Europe.

Adventure advocate

A Belgian adventurer came to China because he first heard about the country from a Chinese tugboat worker in Nigeria, and he has come a long way since, as Xu Lin finds out.

A life by the wall

Not even a Chinese knows the Great Wall of China as well as this British adventurer.

China dream in Africa

Ratsizakaina Isaia Herimialy, a junior at a Confucius College in Madagascar, studies Chinese dance, April 17, 2013.

Tracing grandfather's footsteps

Journalist Mark O'Neill thinks his destiny and connections with China started with his grandfather.

Casting call

Jonathan Kos-Read isn't Chinese - but he's about as close as a foreigner gets. The 39-year-old American actor, who speaks with a perfect Beijing accent, is one of the most famous foreigners on TV and in movies.

The French connection

A former prime minister of France looks back at the close friendships he had forged in the Middle Kingdom through the decades and shares some of those memories with Zhao Xu.

A crusader for modern Chinese art

Karen Smith goes to hundreds of exhibitions in China every year, but she has developed one rule: Never go on opening day.

Judo champ 'restarts' passion, career

Bogged down in the hectic life of a freelance designer in Shanghai, Krissa Hjartar missed having a regular workout routine. The Icelandic native was also apprehensive about outdoor exercise in the often-polluted environment of a big city.