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  • Russia backs green initiative

    2011-04-15 07:55

    Russia has repeated its support of the efforts by the bloc of developing countries known as BASIC -- Brazil, South Africa, India and China -- to push forward global climate change negotiations and sustainable development.

  • Declaration elicits exclamation from European observers

    2011-04-15 07:56

    Scholars from European countries expressed surprise that the BRICS group of developing countries agreed on such a "long, impressive and ambitious" declaration, which will inject new impetus into international relations and governance.

  • South Africa unlocks gateway to continent

    2011-04-15 07:38

    South Africa has become a gateway to the African continent for other countries in the BRICS bloc of developing economies.

  • BRICS build foundation

    2011-04-15 07:26

    China's trade outlook remains positive and will supply enormous opportunities for emerging economies as the nation optimizes its trade structure, trade officials and experts said on Thursday.

  • BRICS target global economic reform

    2011-04-15 07:19

    Leaders of the five BRICS nations vowed on Thursday to support reform of the international monetary system and the setting up of a broad-based international reserve currency system.

  • Leaders call for peace and prosperity

    2011-04-15 07:15

    The leaders of the world's top emerging economies pledged on Thursday to work for peace and prosperity as they met amid a turbulent background defined by Middle East turmoil and slow global economic recovery.Special: BRICS Summit 2011 
    BRICS target global economic reform BRICS build foundation S Africa unlocks gateway to continent

  • BRICS urged to deepen ties

    2011-04-14 07:57

    The BRICS bloc, comprising Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, should deepen cooperation and have a greater say in the reform of the international monetary and financial system to counter the instability of major currencies.

  • Growing ODI boosts regional co-op

    2011-04-14 07:57

    China's growing overseas investments to other emerging markets will further boost regional cooperation, which may help stimulate the world's economic recovery, economists said on Monday.

  • Banks close to agreement on local currency settlement

    2011-04-14 07:57

    SANYA, Hainan - Agreement on developing settlement and credit in local currencies will be reached among BRICS countries, executives of five national development banks announced on Wednesday, a move expected to increase the role of their national currencies.

  • China's imports from emerging markets surge

    2011-04-14 07:57

    China's imports from emerging countries, especially South Africa and Brazil, grew dramatically in the first quarter of the year. Analysts said China's trading ties with other BRICS countries will continue to grow.

  • Peace, stability vital in Sino-Indian border areas

    2011-04-14 07:18

    Beijing and New Delhi on Wednesday reaffirmed their resolve to maintain peace and stability in border areas until the dispute is finally settled, seeking to establish a consultation and coordination mechanism on border affairs.

  • China, Russia vow to boost relations

    2011-04-14 07:12

    China and Russia on Wednesday pledged to enhance their economic cooperation as they seek to further strengthen their ties.

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