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  • Culture development smart strategy for China

    2012-10-25 14:56

    Culture development is a smart strategy for China that shows not only its economic strength but also its cultural characteristics, a Danish expert said.

  • Cleaning up the air can be done

    2012-03-15 07:26

    After visiting me recently in Beijing, my high school friend sent me an e-mail from his hotel room in Shanghai.

  • Will the NPC ride to the UK's rescue?

    2012-03-13 08:08

    All economists' eyes and many of those with a mortgage, a pension, savings, stocks and even a job are on Greece, wondering whether it will default on its sovereign debt.

  • What a foreigner saw in Wen's report

    2012-03-09 14:21

    Most foreign analysts reviewing Premier Wen Jiabao's Government Work Report at the NPC session have ignored many important aspects of his report.

  • Harmony, unity and stability

    2012-03-09 07:50

    Harmony, unity and stability are the three buzzwords that will define most of the discussions of the two sessions being held in Beijing.

  • Big issues, details and urgent tasks

    2012-03-08 09:27

    The annual housekeeping has started. About 3,000 deputies and members have gathered in Beijing for the annual two sessions of the NPC and CPPCC to tackle a huge agenda ranging from the growth of the nation's GDP in the next 12 months to the protection of endangered golden monkeys in Sichuan.

  • Enforcing traffic laws improves road safety

    2012-03-07 07:14

    Over the last few years, China has made great strides in improving road safety, and the NPC and CPPCC sessions can provide the perfect opportunity for discussions to further improve the enforcement of national road safety standards.

  • A high-speed train trip back into history

    2012-03-06 08:34

    In a country soaked in history, it was a modern-day wonder they wanted to experience: The Beijing-Shanghai train.

  • Time to put upgrading upfront on policy agenda

    2012-03-05 08:11

    From the lips of provincial policymakers to street-side subcontractors, "upgrading" was the business buzzword of the day.

  • Leaving Beijing on the wings of kindness

    2012-02-18 10:18

    In October 2006, after a short visit to China, my wife and I were leaving our Beijing Hotel to go to the airport to fly back home to New York.

  • African Americans in China

    2012-02-16 10:38

    There are not many African Americans here; we tend to be over shadowed by those from Africa and the Caribbean and the Chinese usually can not tell one from another.

  • Traveling in the Middle Kingdom with my kids

    2012-02-10 14:17

    Travelling with my children is not a small part of my life; it is my air, my food and my water. Recently I spent 4 weeks backpacking around China with my 10-year old son. It was the first time in China for both of us.

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