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  • Full Text: Report on the Work of the Government

    2012-03-16 09:36

    The Report on the Work of the Government, delivered by Premier Wen Jiabao at annual session of the 11th NPC, includes review of work in 2011, major steps to be taken in 2012, and major tasks for 2012.

  • Housing price regulation won't slacken

    2012-03-15 08:17

    China will not slacken its efforts in regulating housing prices, since they are still far from falling back to a reasonable level.

  • Yuan's value 'unlikely' to rise much soon

    2012-03-15 08:07

    China will intensify its currency regime reform and the foreign exchange rate has possibly reached "equilibrium". Yuan to face downward pressure

  • Amendments in the government report

    2012-03-15 07:34

    The State Council has made 19 amendments to the Government Work Report according to legislators' and political advisers' suggestions.

  • Wen meets the press

    2012-03-14 11:03

    Premier Wen Jiabao met both Chinese and foreign reporters after the closing ceremony of the annual session of the NPC.

  • Wen urges further promotion of social justice

    2012-03-14 13:53

    Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao said the government will continue to work hard to promote social justice by formulating an overall plan for the reform of income distribution system.

  • NPC concludes annual session

    2012-03-14 10:19

    The NPC adopted a number of important documents, including the government's work report, central budget and national economic and social development plan for 2012.

  • Quality and fairness top issues

    2012-03-14 07:42

    The top political advisory body ended its annual session on Tuesday with calls to focus on quality growth, especially at a time when GDP is slowing.

  • Labor contract law needs to be amended

    2012-03-14 07:38

    The Labor Contract Law should be amended to better regulate labor outsourcing, legislators said.

  • 489 motions submitted to parliamentary session

    2012-03-13 22:52

    A total of 489 motions were submitted to the secretariat of China's annual parliamentary session by the deadline of March 9, an official of the session said Tuesday.

  • CPPCC concludes annual session

    2012-03-13 09:42

    The CPPCC should help deepen the strategy of expanding domestic demand, encouraging private investment, and maintaining the stable growth of foreign trade, according to a political resolution. 

  • Aircraft carrier to begin service this year

    2012-03-13 07:41

    China plans to put its first aircraft carrier into service later this year, a top navy official said.

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