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  • Behind the scenes: The Great Hall of the People

    2012-03-15 10:34

    Behind the Scenes: The Great Hall of the People is the main venue for the two sessions.You can get a rough idea of what is happening here between March 3 and 14 from this video.

  • Premier Wen on local government debts

    2012-03-14 18:04

    Premier Wen on local government debts and Wang Lijun incident.

  • German CEO "happy" with 7.5% GDP growth

    2012-03-13 17:42

    Christoph Michel, GEA HX CEO, gave his comments on the the government work report.

  • Medical service is for people, not for money

    2012-03-13 14:45

    He Wei, a CPPCC member and the president of Shenyang He Eye Hospital, sat down for an interview with China Daily during the "two sessions". He explained how private hospitals in China should gain popularity and the public's trust.

  • Clergy self-immolations in Tibet

    2012-03-14 17:51

    "We should respect the Tibetan compatriots' freedom of religious belief and their religious belief is protected by the laws," Premier Wen Jiabao told a press conference on March 14.

  • Addressing income disparities

    2012-03-14 17:58

    Wen told a press conference that the government will continue to increase the income of urban and rural residents, raise the minimum wage levels so that people's income will be able to rise in line with economic growth and increase in productivity.

  • Non-public investment into financial sector

    2012-03-14 17:38

    "We need to encourage their development, and at the same time put them under strict oversight and supervision," said Wen when commenting on the case of Wu Ying.

  • 2012 most difficult yet most promising year

    2012-03-14 14:32

    "The people needs the government to be calm, resolute and trustworthy, and the government needs the people's trust, support and help," Premier Wen told a press conference.

  • CPPCC concludes annual session

    2012-03-13 15:13

    The 11th National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), China's top political advisory body, began the closing meeting of its annual session on Tuesday.

  • Premier Wen on the issue of Syria

    2012-03-14 17:32

    "Regard to the issue of Syria, China has no self-interest. China made its unbiased judgment on the basis of facts."

  • Premier Wen on the adjustment of GDP growth

    2012-03-14 17:22

    The aim of the adjustment is to advance toward technology progress and labor quality. We target high-quality growth, as well as adjustment in economic structure and development model. The economy will shift to an energy-conserving and environment-protecting model to deliver more benefit to the people.

  • Equity and justice shine more brightly than sunshinei

    2012-03-14 16:09

    Equity and justice shine more brightly than sunshine.

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