Olympic gold medalists cash in on their success

Gold medalists of the London Olympics welcome a new round of harvest back to China, including a large sum of bonus money as well as high appearance fees in commercial opportunites.

Olympics boosts UK consumer spending

British have increased their spending on sporting goods and socializing in the wake of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.


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Olympic flag arrives in Rio

The arrival of the Olympic flag in Rio de Janeiro marked the dawn of a new era in Rio de Janeiro's history, according to the city's mayor Eduardo Paes.

Olympics boost sports participation in England

Olympic Stadium set for a future in soccer

G4S battles with Olympic chiefs over unpaid fee

Thousands cheer British Olympians in London

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Former official calls for new judging system

Controversial officiating won't harm China's successful Olympic campaign in London, said a former top official of the Chinese Olympic Committee. China looks to secure medal in women's 20km

Olympics seen by IOC chiefs

Athletes bid farewell to London Games

Cuban boxer wins boxing men's 52kg gold medal

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China in Olympics

Collecting memories and medals

It is not just the athletes who have a passion for Olympic medals. Chen Hongkang has been collecting them for more than 35 years.

Children walk toward Olympic dreams

Chinese tourists spend big at Olympics

Beijing Olympics just keeps on giving

Culture adds muscle to the Olympic experience

Olympic Spotlight

Winners and losers at London Games

Every Olympic Games has its winners and losers - not just among the athletes and competing nations - who stand out from the crowd and take praise or punishment as the host city steps into the limelight.

Gymnastics: Douglas heralds change in world order

Diving: Rivals take risky plunge to chase China

Age not a problem for Olympic dreams

Games over, time to party

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Olympics and Me

British man tries to swim from France to US

A 34-year-old, unnamed London man was apparently so gripped by Olympic fever that he decided to swim from Biarritz, France to New York.

Volunteers find the world in their grasp

Collecting memories and medals

Family cheer on Wang's win in weightlifting match

Chinese cycles to London to promote Olympics

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The surgery was very successful! Thank u for your support! I enjoyed the process of working hard the last few years.

Voices on Liu Xiang's fall

Web cheers for Liu Xiang

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Hot on web

London and Olympic Legacy

New east London end

Beijing's Olympics transformed the world's perception of China forever, but one legacy London hopes to create with its Olympics is starkly different.

Olympics boost sports participation in England

Olympic Stadium set for a future in soccer

Olympics boosts consumer spending in Britain

London Olympics leaves East End legacy

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Against the Olympic spirit

Not only Ye Shiwen, but also every sports fan who believes in the Olympic spirit deserves the apology rendered by Nature magazine on Monday.

G4S battles with Olympic chiefs over unpaid fee

Olympic gold medalists cash in on their success

First Olympic parade brings Tokyo to standstill

Goodbye Olympic gold, hello happiness

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The official mascots for the 2012 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games were unveiled on May 19, 2010.

Wenlock and Mandeville are animations depicting two drops of steel from a steelworks in Bolton.

They are named Wenlock, after the Shropshire town of Much Wenlock, which held a forerunner of the current Olympic Games, and Mandeville, after Stoke Mandeville, a village in Buckinghamshire where a forerunner to the Paralympic Games were first held.


The London Olympics logo, designed by Wolff Olins, was unveiled on June 4, 2007 and cost £400,000. It is a representation of the number 2012, with the Olympic Rings embedded within the zero.

This will be the first time that the same essential logo is to be used for both the Olympic and Paralympic games.

The standard colors are green, magenta, orange and blue; however the logo has incorporated a variety of colors, including the Union Flag to promote the handover ceremony.


The motto of the London Olympic Games - Inspire a Generation - was unveiled by the London Olympics organizing committee (LOCOG) on April 18, 2012 as they celebrate 100 days to go to the Olympic Games.

It is "reflecting the promise made when London bid for the Games, the motto will appear on branding and publications in the run-up to and during, the Games," LOCOG said in a statement before a press conference for the 100 days countdown to the Games opener.


Dubbed the "cheesegrater", the Olympic Torch is perforated with 8,000 holes that represent each person who will carry it on the British leg of the torch relay. It weighs 1kg including the burner and gas canister and stands 800 millimeter high.

Its triangular shape symbolizes the three times that London has been awarded the Games in 1908, 1948 and 2012; the faster, higher stronger motto of the Olympic movement and the sport, education and culture triple vision of the 2012 Games.


The Olympic medal, designed by British artist David Watkins, weighs 375-400g and is 7mm thick, with the sport and discipline engraved on the rim.

The medals' circular form is a metaphor for the world. The front of the medal always depicts the same imagery at the summer Games - the Greek Goddess of Victory, Nike, stepping out of the depiction of the Parthenon to arrive in the host city. On the reverse of the medals, the dished background suggests a bowl similar to the design of an amphitheatre.


Some 10,500 athletes from 204 National Olympic Committees are expected to participate. As of May 18, 2012, 182 countries have qualified at least one athlete.

The Netherlands Antilles Olympic Committee, which had planned to continue functioning after the dissolution of the Netherlands Antilles, had its membership withdrawn by the IOC Executive Committee in June 2011. But Dutch Antillean athletes who qualify for the 2012 Olympics will be allowed to participate independently under the Olympic flag.

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