Cartoonist Golo: Drawing is what I do

By Ruan Fan ( ) Updated: 2016-05-05 10:29:46


Golo, which in Cantonese means Mr. Tall, is a nickname that Chinese cartoonist Zhao Zhicheng got stuck with after his height suddenly shot up in high school.

"I was so little in junior school and a quiet good kid. When I and my friends encountered tough kids outside of our school - which happened once in a while - I was the one who usually emptied the pockets first before they even had to ask."

Zhao said he was such an unassuming nobody back then that even the teacher would not notice him.

But when the class needed someone to paint, he's always "the one on it".

Zhao fell in love with drawing and reading cartoons at primary school, and started collecting cartoon books with his pocket money since third grade.

He has grown up reading Yoshihiro Togashi, never missing out on a single piece of his works. Later, he decided to take cartoon as his career, and enrolled in Affiliated School of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts.

At the school, Zhao spent half day studying and half drawing. There, his journey on being a cartoonist began to take shape.

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