Art exhibition of trio Chinese painters kick off in Malta

( Xinhua ) Updated: 2015-11-04 14:27:58

An art exhibition of three Chinese painters specializing in various traditional Chinese painting styles has kicked off in Malta.

Launched in Maltese Golden Autumn at the China Cultural Centre in Malta on Monday evening, the exhibition is set to run until Nov 9.

Cui Hong specializes in female figure painting presented a number of exquisite colourful works. She said that even though women from the various ethnic groups who live in China differ in terms of appearance and personality, they all share a soft feminine Oriental beauty which is a unique quality that is common to Asian women in general. That is what she aspires to capture in her portraits in which she uses the traditional Chinese meticulous brushwork style with the usual fine lines and dainty strokes of vibrant colour.

Jiang Pei, an artist who specializes in the traditional Chinese bird-and-flower painting genre, has produced works which capture the form and spirit, as well as the charm and grace of flora and fauna. Her works are graceful and they radiate an exhilarating melodic beauty, warming the heart and delighting the eye of the one who beholds them.

The third artist, Wang Youmin, is a specialist in the traditional Chinese mountain-and-water landscape genre. His black and white detailed paintings are a wonder to behold and they vividly display his excellent skill in molding splashes of ink into vivid multi-toned monochrome images of Chinese landscapes and forest gardens.

"My speciality is the ability to bring out different shades in my works by using only water and ink," Wang Youmin told Xinhua.

Whilst complementing the three artists for their fantastic work, Dr Toni Sant, a Maltese art expert and Artistic Director of St James Cavalier Centre for Creativity, said that he was struck by three particular things in these exhibition.

Noting the growing exchanges of artists between Malta and China over the years, Sant said, "I find these exchanges quite essential not only for diplomatic purposes but most of all, for artistic purposes."

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