Easy Talk Special: China vs. USA mooncake challenge

( ) Updated: 2015-09-26 12:19:40

At this time of year, mooncakes are everywhere in China. So we China Daily decided to host a mooncake bake-off between local Chinese and foreign Americans. Both teams received a quick lesson from a local Chinese baker, Maxi Xue, before the competition. Find out who made the best mooncake in this Mid-Autumn festival showdown.

Host: He Keyao

Videographer:Nick Bedard, Ruan Fan

Subtitles: Xu Jing

Editor: Nicholas Bedard

Producer: Xu Jing

Executive producer: Feng Minghui

About Easy Talk and Easy Talk Special:

Easy Talk is a weekly talk show program covering the latest living-related issues in today's China. Foreigners living in China are invited to share their life experiences and observations on a variety of light topics. The discussions revolve around the cultural differences that exist between China and other countries, covering various aspects and the implications they have on China's cultural exchange with the world.

Easy Talk Special: China vs. USA mooncake challenge

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