China Cultural Centre celebrates Fiji's biggest festival in Suva

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China Cultural Centre celebrates Fiji's biggest festival in Suva

Bamboo Dance performed in Suva, Fiji, Aug 13, 2016. [Photo/]

The traditional Fiji Hibiscus opened in the capital Suva on Aug 13. It is a platform to showcase Fiji's unique ethnic flavor and communicate with the outside world.

This year, China Cultural Centre (CCC) in Fiji participated in the opening parade and also helped the Song and Dance Troupe of Lianshan Zhuang-Yao Autonomous County to perform at the Asian Night show. They added a touch of Chinese characteristics and were well-received by locals there.

At the opening parade, the brass band led the way playing cheerful music, followed by a squad of contestants of "Fijian Teen", "Miss Fiji" and "Mr. Fiji". They dressed up and were in high spirits, waving at people along the way. For CCC, the fluttering national flag of China carried by a man was at the front of the line. A meticulously decorated float was close behind. Singing performers in folk outfits were riveting, with spectators calling out "Hello, China", clapping, cheering or taking photos.

At the Asian Night show, Chinese performers' exquisite costumes, vigorous dance moves and beautiful voices impressed spectators big time, especially the interactive programs such as Bamboo Dance and Zhuang People's Wedding.

Chinese performers visited the Fiji Museum with kids around Suva during their stay. The happy kids sang songs to thank CCC and Chinese performers.

During the festival, CCC also invited inheritors of embroidered balls to make them on the spot. The ball has been listed as the intangible cultural heritage. It used to be a token of love given by young Chinese women in ancient times. Locals were amazed at its function.

Hibiscus is Fiji's most important festival, just like China's Spring Festival. The annual festival has been held 60 times. The festival boasts amusement park, food stalls, commodity fair, image publicity site for government sectors, beauty pageants and brilliant performances. The seven-day feast attracted and entertained people of all ages, all around the country.

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