Chengdu Sci-fi Film Week ushers in new page

( Xinhua ) Updated: 2016-08-22 14:11:54

"The First Year and Light-year of Chinese Sci-fi Movies", a summit forum was held in the Sichuan Provincial Museum during the "2016 Chengdu International Sci-fi Film Week".

Celebrities like Wu Yan, professor of Beijing Normal University, and the chairman of World Chinese Science Fiction Association, together with director Lu Chuan, reviewed the development of sci-fi films, and explored ways for innovation.

Wu, devoted to his research on sci-fi movie production from non-western countries like South Korea, Japan and India, advocated the "innovative narration" approach.

China was able to realize a catch-up with well-established science film giants in the years to come, he said.

Li Geng talked about the bottleneck of current Chinese science fiction movies, which was a result of a combined deficiency in technology, market and experience. Instead of technology, Li pointed out that the process of film production, in particular, the color process, was where the choke point lay.

Lu Chuan, the director of the science fiction movie Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe, shared his shooting experience, as well as his insights regarding the operation mode of Chinese science fiction movie.

The reason why Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe made a hit was a perfect integration of Hollywood mode and China's real situation, which helped strike a balance between budget and quality.

"2016 Chengdu International Science Fiction Film Week" will serve as a platform, in which all sides concerned in the chain of Chinese science fiction industry are provided with opportunities to communicate and give useful suggestions for the development of China's genre films.


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